Academic Affairs

Arlie Petters
Dean Arlie Petters

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for the undergraduate curriculum and educational experience of our undergraduate students. Our innovative course of study is structured so students can pursue learning in and out of the classroom, laboratory, and studio. Global education, service learning, and research opportunities complement classroom instruction to infuse students with the excitement of discovery and the ability to use knowledge in the service of society. Our goal is to create distinctive interdisciplinary opportunities for our students to approach real-world problems from different fields of inquiry.

The Dean of Academic Affairs/Associate Vice Provost oversees administration of the Duke undergraduate curriculum and educational experiences for our undergraduates, in partnership with the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. The Academic Dean corps, Continuing Studies, Summer Session, Curriculum & Course Development, Focus Program, Office of Assessment, Service Learning Program, Thompson Writing Program, and Office of Undergraduate Research Support all report to the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Academic Affairs Communications

Duke Faculty Policy requires grades for graduating students to be submitted within 24 hours of the final exam. Grades for all other students need to be submitted within 48 hours of the final exam. read more »

Highlighting some useful policies and guidelines, as well as reaffirm our obligation to teaching and the production of knowledge in Trinity College. read more »

Dear students: Welcome to the online system for evaluating courses in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. We want to thank you for helping gather this necessary and useful information. read more »

Grades are due in the Registrar’s Office within twenty-four hours of the final exam for graduating students and forty-eight hours of the final exam for all other students.  read more »