Arts & Sciences Council

Executive Committee & Council Members

The Executive Committee is elected by the Council and meets biweekly during the academic year. This committee identifies faculty nominations for standing committees of the Arts & Sciences Council, forms ad hoc committees when appropriate, asks for reports from the committees of the Council, and develops agenda items to be brought before the Arts & Sciences Council.

Administrative Support: Mary Nettleton, 919-684-6811,


Executive Committee of Arts & Sciences Council

Anita Layton,  Chair of the Council (2015-2018) 
Valerie Ashby  (ex officio), Dean of  the Faculty, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Carol Apollonio, Slavic and Eurasian Studies (2016-2019)
Owen Astrachan, Computer Science (2015-2018)
Sherryl Broverman, Biology (2016-2019)
John Supko,  Music (2016-2019)
Ara Wilson, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (2016-2019)

Arts & Sciences Council Representatives

Aerospace Studies, Lt Col Jesse Hunt  2015-2018
African and African American Studies, Karin Shapiro 2016-2019
Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Mark Olson 2017-2020
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Leo Ching, 2016--2018
Biology, Sherryl Broverman 2016-2019
Chemistry, Richard MacPhail 2014-2017
Classical Studies, Jose Gonzalez 2016-2017
Computer Science, Owen Astrachan 2014-2017
Cultural Anthropology, Randy Matory 2015-2018
Dance, Julie Walters 2016-2019
Economics, Marjorie McElroy 2014-2017
Education, David Malone 2016-2019
English, Julianne Werlin 2015-2018
Evolutionary Anthropology, Leslie Digby 2014-2017
Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies,  Frances Hasso  2015-2018
Germanic Languages and Literature, Inge Walther  2015-2018
Global Health, David Toole 2016-2019
Health, Wellness and Physical Education, Scott Yakola 2014-2017
History, Reeve Huston 2015-2018
International Comparative Studies, Jessica Namakkal 2015-2018
Literature, Antonio Viego  2015-2018
Mathematics, Sarah Schott 2016-2019
Music, John Brown 2015-2018
Nicholas School of the Environment, Charlotte Clark 2014-2017
Philosophy, Alex Rosenberg 2016-2017
Physics, Christopher Walter 2015-2018
Political Science, Michael Munger 2016-2019
Psychology and Neurosciences, Steven Asher 2016-2017
Religious Studies, Mohsen Kadivar, 2016-2017
Romance Studies, José María Rodríguez-García 2015-2017
Sanford School of Public Policy, Catherine Admay 2014-2017
Slavic and Eurasian Studies, Carol Apollonio 2015-2018
Sociology, Mark Chaves 2015-2018
Statistical Sciences, Ed Iversen 2014-2017
Theater Studies,  Brad Rogers 2015-2018
Thomspon Writing Program, Jennifer Ahern-Dodson, 2015-2018