Arts & Sciences Council


Fall 2016 IDC Update

The Imagining the Duke Curriculum committee writes to provide a brief update on our progress to date in developing a new undergraduate curriculum proposal.

Committee Update 11-4-2014

The Imagining the Duke Curriculum Committee (aka “The Big Tweak” committee) began its work in mid September and has been meeting weekly each Friday. In many ways, however, we are still very walking around the issues trying to understand what the key questions are and where strategic opportunities and challenges lie.

IDC Update 1/12/15

Schedule for listening tour meetings - IDC Curriculum Conversations.

IDC Curriculum Conversations - 2/4/2015

Faculty invitation to RSVP for lunch at IDC Curriculum Conversations during the month of February.

IDC Curriculum Conversation - 11/12/15 Update

The IDC has conducted more than 200 conversations with faculty, staff and current and past students. We plan to share a set of initial ideas at the January Arts & Sciences Council meeting. The committee continues to meet on Fridays from 3-5 pm in 101 West Duke.

IDC Update 1/12/16

The IDC has outlined a draft conceptual framework for a new undergraduate curriculum at Duke.  Committee members now invites faculty to think through this possible structure with them.