Dean's Memos

Please submit information to be included in future memos from the dean to Deborah Hill, Associate Dean for Communications at Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Memo from the Dean - 12/7/2016 - Faculty Recognition

Recognition for Bonilla-Silva, Haynie, Vanberg, Derbyshire, Mikkelsen, Roizen, Schmid, Cetinkaya-Rundel, Dunson, Everitt, Forte, Hayles, McClain, Buchanan, Flanagan, Liu, Lutzoni, Glymph, Aidoo, Ariely, Balleisen, Clum, cooke, Daubechies, DeFrantz, De Marchi, Hasso, Jameson, Khanna, Klopfer, Mestyan, McWilliam, Pierre, Ramaswamy, Rankin, Rojas, Staddon, Caspi, Moffitt, Petters and Dong.

Memo to Students - One Way Trinity is Investing in Faculty Skills - 9-19-2016

Provost Sally Kornbluth and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences is sponsoring a year-long faculty skills development program called Teaching for Equity.

Memo from the Dean - 9/19/2016 - Why Trinity Will Invest in "Teaching for Equity" Fellows

Provost Kornbluth and Trinity College are funding a second cohort of Teaching for Equity Fellows this year. Nineteen faculty are now engaged in the year-long workshop series to learn how to address issues of identity, race and racial bias in their classrooms.

Memo to Students - 8/30/2016 - Office Hours & Meet My Mentor

New Office Hours for the dean, and an opportunity to meet Dean Ashby's mentor, Joe DeSimone.

Memo from the Dean - 9/11/2016 - Fall Arts & Sciences Council Address

Outline of the focus for Trinity College in the coming year.

Memo from the Dean - 8/25/2015 - Financial Update

Trinity College was able to close the FY15/16 year in July with a relatively small deficit of $365k and did not have to borrow against our reserve, as planned. This significant accomplishment is a direct result of cultivating more revenue in areas where we are able to do so.

Memo from the Dean 7/18/2016 - Faculty & Staff Accomplishments

Recognition for Aldrich, Ruderman, Moi, Dunson, Gelfand, Lyle, Wang, Clyde, Caldwell, Starn, Stein, Wharton, Jaji, Burton, Byers, Conitzer, Cooper, Kennedy, Piot, Ramaswamy, Stiles, Wilson, Winters, Rojas, Litzinger, and Shouse.

Memo from the Dean - 6-20-2016 - Appointment of Chris Clarke as Senior Assistant VP for Development

Chris Clarke has been named the Senior Assistant Vice President for Trinity College and Graduate School Development within the Office of University Development at Duke.

Memo from the Dean - 5/16/2016 - Thank you

Thank you to faculty and staff for the AY2015/2016 year, and graduation weekend.

Memo from the Dean – 4/27/2016 - Celebrating Scholarly Achievements

Recognition for Greenside, Solomon, Goodacre, VanTuyl, Whitt, Blake, Bruzelius, Howell, Broverman, Franz, Johnsen, Moody, Reed, Chow, Knight, Kiehart, Sloan, Wang, Tung, Charbonneau, Daubechies, Dubois, Edwards, Hacohen, Ramaswamy, Sigal, Stein, Bennett, Neal, Mazumdar, Tetel Andresen, Clotfelter, Fick, Flanagan, Gavin, Gonzalez, Keister, Kirk, Leary, Manion, McLarney, Nechyba, A. Rosenberg, G. Rosenberg, Sinnott-Armstrong, Anoomaly, Brennan, Munter, Sayre-McCord, Burton, Brady, Hawkins, and Summers.

Memo to Students - Continuing Diversity & Inclusion Work in Trinity College - 4-27-2016

Update to students on Trinity College’s work towards diversity and inclusion in spring 2016.

Memo from the Dean 4/21/2016 - Dan Kiehart Reappointed Dean of the Natural Sciences

Cellular and developmental biologist Dan Kiehart will serve a second term as dean of natural sciences. He will lead the sciences through 2019.

Memo from the Dean 4/19/2016 - Appointment of Arlie Petters as Dean of Academic Affairs, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Mathematical physicist Arlie Petters has been appointed Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, effective July 1.

Memo from the Dean - 4/14/16 - Visitation and Service for Srinivas Aravamudan

Srinivas Aravamudan's family is holding a visitation on Friday, April 15 from 5-8 p.m. at the Hall-Wynne Funeral Center Chapel.

The family is holding a visitation on Friday, April 15 from 5-8 p.m. at the Hall-Wynne Funeral Center Chapel. - See more at:
The family is holding a visitation on Friday, April 15 from 5-8 p.m. at the Hall-Wynne Funeral Center Chapel. - See more at:
The family is holding a visitation on Friday, April 15 from 5-8 p.m. at the Hall-Wynne Funeral Center Chapel. - See more at:
Memo from the Dean - 4/13/16 - Inclusivity and Trinity College

Our response to the North Carolina House Bill 2 - Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act.

Memo from the Dean 4/13/2016 - Passing of Srinivas Aravamudan

Srinivas Aravamudan, professor of English and former dean of the humanities at Duke, passed away this morning.

Memo from the Dean 4/11/16 - Art Historian Gennifer Weisenfeld appointed Dean of Humanities

Gennifer Weisenfeld, professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, has been appointed Dean of the Humanities within Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1. She will serve through June 2019.

Memo from the Dean 4/7/2016 - End of Semester Briefing

Topics for end of term A&S Council presentation, brief updates on Excellence, Leadership & Mentoring, and Diversity strategic planning themes. Overview of process now for unionization of non-regular rank faculty. Update on campaign progress.

Memo from the Dean - 1/26/16 - Update on Strategic Planning Activities & Faculty Recognition

Update on the leadership & mentoring strategic planning theme. Recognition of faculty: Buchanan, Arcidiacono, Chafe, Comer, Dorfman, Florand, Hariri, Lo, Matory, Merkx, Nelson, Stephens, Giliam, Longino, McLarney. Announcement of several leadership changes.

Memo from the Dean - 1-25-16 - Soliciting Interest in Dean of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Humanities Positions

Invitation for faculty to submit interest for two leadership positions in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences: Dean of Academic Affairs/Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and Dean of the Humanities.

Memo to Students - Diversity & Inclusion Work in Trinity College - 1/13/2016

Update for undergraduate and graduate students on our school-specific plans to address the problems raised by the fall community conversations, and incidents of bias, racial aggression and hate that have occurred on our campus.

Memo from the Dean 1/13/2016: Trinity College Follow up on Task Force on Bias and Hate

Update to faculty and staff on Trinity College's diversity strategic planning theme.

Memo from the Dean 12/14/15 - Celebrating Faculty Accomplishments

Recognizing Donald, Hargrove, Maurel, Munger, Powell, Ramaswamy and Sieburth for professional awards. Recognizing Whitfield and Neal for mentoroing awards. Recognizing Bail, Casanova, Dainotto, Donahue, Fish, Garreta, Hariri, Jaffe, Janiak, Johnsen, Kwon, Mackey, Moosa, Mottahedeh, Munger, Philipsen, ramaswamy, Rego, Rojas, Thompson, Torgovnik, Tuna, Wald, Beramendi, Kitschelt, Anomaly, Brennan, Munger, Aldrich and Rohde for publishing new books. Also recognizing Aers, Allison, Andresen, Antonaccio, Apollonio, Babnks, Barr, Boatwright, Brettler, Byers, Clum, Cobb, Donahue, Gonzalez, Jameson, Jenson, Lentricchia, Makhulu, Morgan, Need, Pickford, Rosenberg, Rupprecht, Stern, Wiegman Miglarese, Morgan and Rompay for publishing new books.

Memo from the Dean – 11/17/2015 – Follow Up from Duke Community Conversation

As a key driver for new ideas and creativity, diversity is at the very core of a liberal arts education—and at the core of our institutional values. To be a truly educated person, we believe you should embrace and practice an appreciation for different disciplines, thought processes, modes of expression, and histories. As we dedicate ourselves each day to providing such an education, we must also be dedicated to ensuring inclusion for every member of our community. We equally recognize intellectual freedom and the courage to hold, articulate and defend and debate ideas, whether popular or not, as an essential value of the university.

Memo from the Dean - 10/22/2015 - Financial Update

Financial update on the close of the FY14/15 fiscal year.