Dean's Memos

Please submit information to be included in future memos from the dean to Deborah Hill, Associate Dean for Communications at Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Recognition for Weeks, Namakkal, Nechyba, Canelas, Hadjioannou, Welsh, Admay, Wasiolek, Broverman, Morris, Bivans, Thumen, Dworjan, Meyer, Doty, Bernhardt, Ng, MacKey, Supko, Jaji, Holmgren, Jimenez, Comer, McIver, Wilbourn, Warren, Hargrove, Alberts, Steorts, Beratan, Tung, Mukherjee, Machanavajjhala, Charbonneau, Tomasello, Bail, Bergelson, Humphreys, MacLean, Lentz-Smith. read more »

To continue our work on the curriculum, we anticipate a series of fall retreats with chairs, the DUS Board, ECASC, and other stakeholders, as well as a variety of town hall meetings for faculty and departments across divisions. read more »

Dear Faculty and Staff, I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Trinity Distinguished Lecture series in conjunction with the celebration of 50 years of Black faculty scholarship in the college.The series will feature a Black Trinity faculty member each year and honors the excellence, innovation and... read more »

One item to bring to your attention: The pharmacy in the new Duke Student Wellness Center is open to all faculty, staff and students. This benefit is intended to support optimal wellness across the Duke Community. The new pharmacy offers: read more »

Staff thank you, invitation to take implicit bias training, recognition for Dean Ed Gomes, and important resources for staff. read more »

Professor Whaneema Lubiano (AAAS) and Professor of the Practice David Malone (Education) were honored with the Cook Society's Inaugural Raymond Gavins Distinguished Faculty Award. read more »

Recognition for Powell, McLarney, Longino, Lanzoni, Tomasello, Pierce, Roy, McClay, Rauscher, Tomasi, Lebeck, Nijhout, Conitzer, Greenside, Malone, McElroy, Makhulu, Sinnott-Armstrong, Stern, Duara, and recent book authors. read more »

During 2017, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences will celebrate 50 years of Black faculty scholarship. read more »

Duke Joins Peer Universities in Filing Legal Brief Opposing White House Immigration Order and Provost's Forum on Policing Color: Black, Brown & Blue. read more »

Availability of a folder, a brochure and a cost of living comparison flyer with Durham highlights. read more »

Recognition for Bonilla-Silva, Haynie, Vanberg, Derbyshire, Mikkelsen, Roizen, Schmid, Cetinkaya-Rundel, Dunson, Everitt, Forte, Hayles, McClain, Buchanan, Flanagan, Liu, Lutzoni, Glymph, Aidoo, Ariely, Balleisen, Clum, cooke, Daubechies, DeFrantz, De Marchi, Hasso, Jameson, Khanna, Klopfer, Mestyan, McWilliam, Pierre, Ramaswamy, Rankin, Rojas, Staddon, Caspi, Moffitt, Petters and Dong. read more »

Provost Sally Kornbluth and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences is sponsoring a year-long faculty skills development program called Teaching for Equity. read more »

Provost Kornbluth and Trinity College are funding a second cohort of Teaching for Equity Fellows this year. Nineteen faculty are now engaged in the year-long workshop series to learn how to address issues of identity, race and racial bias in their classrooms. read more »

Outline of the focus for Trinity College in the coming year. read more »

New Office Hours for the dean, and an opportunity to meet Dean Ashby's mentor, Joe DeSimone. read more »

Trinity College was able to close the FY15/16 year in July with a relatively small deficit of $365k and did not have to borrow against our reserve, as planned. This significant accomplishment is a direct result of cultivating more revenue in areas where we are able to do so. read more »

Recognition for Aldrich, Ruderman, Moi, Dunson, Gelfand, Lyle, Wang, Clyde, Caldwell, Starn, Stein, Wharton, Jaji, Burton, Byers, Conitzer, Cooper, Kennedy, Piot, Ramaswamy, Stiles, Wilson, Winters, Rojas, Litzinger, and Shouse. read more »

Chris Clarke has been named the Senior Assistant Vice President for Trinity College and Graduate School Development within the Office of University Development at Duke. read more »

Thank you to faculty and staff for the AY2015/2016 year, and graduation weekend. read more »