Transition to Drupal

Website Development and Support in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

We are transitioning away from our current content management system (Apostrophe) to an open-source platform called Drupal. We are no longer building new websites in Apostrophe, but we will continue to fully support our existing Apostrophe sites until all sites have been migrated to Drupal. 

Progress to Date - June 2017

Transition In Progress In Drupal
  • Arts of the Moving Image
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science and Cultural Theory
  • Duke Herbarium
  • Duke Fern Collection
  • Duke Live Plant Collections
  • Franklin Humanities Institute
  • Latino/a Studies in the Global South
  • Trinity Office of Assessment

Work being done by other organizations:

  • Global Education

*Computer science runs its own CMS. No migration planned.

These changes are part of a broader effort to enhance our technical capabilities to support our existing administrative database development, modernize outdated web based applications and implement new platforms that broadly support the mission of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Moving forward, the contacts for day-to-day Apostrophe website support will be Andy Smith and Gabe Fahl ( Please direct questions about new Drupal site development to Deborah Hill at