Academic Affairs

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center offers three separate programs and services to students: the Academic Skills Instruction Program, the Peer Tutoring Program, and Services for Students with Learning Disabilities and AD/HD. These services are offered to Duke undergraduates at no additional fee. The Academic Resource Center is located on East Campus, on the second floor of the Academic Advising Center.

Academic Skills Instructional Program

The Academic Skills Instructional Program is an academic support program designed to help undergraduate students meet the demands of the Duke University undergraduate curriculum. Students referred to the office may receive help in the following areas: Basic and Higher Level Learning Skills; Decision-Making/Problem Solving Skills; Resource Knowledge, Use and Management.

Special services include: Formal assessment of undergraduate students’ learning skills, academic performance difficulties, and/or academic support needs; referrals to appropriate undergraduate faculty and academic or non-academic support services; collaboration between ASIP staff, faculty members, and university support personnel as individual cases indicate.

What student should be referred?

  • Any student in a course or program who is experiencing academic difficulty.
  • Any student who would benefit from the particular services outlined above.
  • Any student who is experiencing difficulty in two or more courses (difficulty in two or more courses may indicate academic problems that go beyond specific course content).

How should the student be referred?

  • By calling the office to request referral cards, which can then be given out to students, or by urging the student to call 684-5917 to make an appointment. The office is located on the second floor of the Academic Advising Center Building on East Campus. Students should call ahead for an appointment. Staff members are happy to consult with the instructor regarding the student prior to his or her visit.

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Peer Tutoring Program

The Peer Tutoring Program offers students up to twelve hours a semester of free peer tutoring in introductory-level courses. Tutors are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Application forms are available on the second floor of the Academic Advising Center.

Services for students with learning disabilities and AD/HD

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder are eligible for an array of academic interventions and/or support services in accordance with the determinations and judgments of the professional staff of the Academic Resource Center. Appraisals of the need for appropriate academic interventions and support services for undergraduate students with learning disabilities are based on a review of documentation of functional impact in relation to Duke students and the expectations of specific courses.