Academic Affairs

Evaluation of the Undergraduate Program

1. Evaluation of the undergraduate program

In many departments the DUS is responsible for providing the departmental members with data and studies to show the progress of the undergraduate program. The Office of the University Registrar can provide data for many of these studies. Reports can be requested by email from (see University Registrar). The Career Center does an annual survey of graduating seniors concerning their plans for postgraduate work or study. It is hoped that departments will also collect such information on their majors; moreover, research on the background, needs, and expectations of students may also be carried out by the DUS.

For the purpose of departmental and program reviews, guidelines for evaluating undergraduate programs can be found on the Curriculum and Courses webpage at (see guidelines for self study).

2. Student Course Evaluations

It is the responsibility of the DUS to ensure that the department administers the College-wide Student Course Evaluation (SCE) process at the end of each academic term. This includes the following:

  • Designate an individual to liaise with the Office of Assessment Trinity College (OATC) to secure and assemble necessary materials, return completed forms and to be familiar with the OATC website in order to remain up-to-date on all of the latest pertinent information.
  • Be familiar with the SCE reporting mechanism provided by the OATC website and be able to direct faculty/instructors to information concerning reports for their courses and other departmental and College-level reports.
  • Know how faculty/instructors indicate their preference for opting-in or out of the Student Accessible Course Evaluation System (SACES) and communicate this to all pertinent individuals.
  • Keep faculty/instructors up-to-date on any procedural changes or issues.
  • In consultation with the Chair, indicate who will have access to secured confidential information concerning individual faculty and departmental SCE reports and keep the list of those who have access up-to-date.
  • Make sure that all completed SCE forms are kept on file (either in paper form or electronically) and available to faculty/instructors for at least seven years or until the faculty/instructor of record leaves the university (See full policy on OATC website).

3. Assessment of the Major

The DUS may be called upon by the department or program Chair to assist in the planning and implementation of discipline appropriate assessment of programmatic and student learning outcomes. This includes the following:

  • Participation in College level assessment activities like the College-administered Student Course Evaluation (SCE) process (see above).
  • Articulation of some form of departmental mission statement or statement of philosophy that connects with the overall mission of the college, to be posted on the department’s website.
  • In consultation with the Office of Assessment Trinity College (OATC), development of an individualized departmental assessment plan that includes program and student learning goals, specific outcomes and associated expectations, evaluation measures, and action plans based on findings.
  • Reporting of assessment findings, associated action plans and the impact of the findings on teaching, student learning, and the program curriculum, via documentation in WEAVEOnline.