Academic Affairs


1. Submitting grades

Final grades are submitted on-line, via STORM, by the faculty officially assigned to the course. Grades for graduating seniors are due within twenty-four hours of the examination, and grades for other students must be submitted within forty-eight hours of the examination. Graduating seniors should not be given Incomplete (I) grades without the advice of the academic dean because incomplete work may prevent a senior from graduating.

2. Incompletes

Students should arrange for an Incomplete (I grade) through their academic dean and instructor. Any faculty member who has issued an incomplete to a student is sent a form by the Registrar’s Office to report the grade. Unless continuation is at issue, students must satisfactorily complete the work prior to the end of the fifth week of the subsequent semester in attendance or a grade of F will be recorded for the course. (In cases where a student’s continuation is in jeopardy the work must be completed by an earlier deadline; see the policy on Incomplete Course Work.)

3. Requests for other grade changes

A final grade may be changed only under the conditions cited in the Faculty Handbook:

"It is important to note that with the exception of I grades and X grades, changes in grades may be made only because of an error in calculation or an error in transcription. Changes in grades may not be based on the late submission of required work, the resubmission of work previously judged unsatisfactory, or on additional work. No changes may be made in a grade after the end of the semester following the one for which the grade was assigned although cases of error discovered after the deadline may be appealed by the student or the instructor to the Office of the Provost. The purposes of these regulations are to promote accurate record keeping and careful grade reporting, and to protect instructors from student pressure.”

Requests for a grade change must be made in writing on departmental letterhead to the University Registrar. These requests must be signed by the instructor of record and must include the specific reason for the change.