Academic Affairs


1. Certification of Senior Majors, Minors and Certificates for Graduation

Near the end of a senior's semi-final semester, the DUS receives from Trinity College advisement sheets for each senior and reviews them for degree/minor/certificate completion. The DUS office contacts the seniors lacking requirements and advises them of the courses needed to finish their degree. After the Drop/Add period in the last semester, the DUS receives a second mailing consisting of a cover letter with due dates and advisement sheets with stickers for all potential graduates. The DUS reviews the sheets, attaches the stickers an

  • Checks the correct degree or minor or certificate
  • Notes any in-progress courses required in the space indicated on the sticker
  • Notes any additional courses required in the space indicated on the sticker
  • Initials and dates the sticker (the advisement sheets are then returned to 04 Allen)

Questions regarding the certification process should be directed to Ms. Terry Wilkerson, 684-6938, or by email to

2. Graduation with distinction: certification of candidacy and completion

The Trinity College requirements for Graduation with Distinction are summarized in the Undergraduate Bulletin in the section on academic honors and recognition, and detailed, academic department by academic department, on the Arts and Sciences Honors website entitled Graduation with Distinction: Excellence in the Major. Admission of students to a department's or program's honors program is formally noted on the respective students' transcripts. Dean Norman Keul , academic dean responsible for honors, solicits a list of each department's candidates in October for this purpose. Students who have successfully completed the requirements for Graduation with Distinction in the department or program in which they are completing a first or second major are recommended for that honor by the DUS or other designated faculty member to Dean Norman Keul , academic dean responsible for honors. Requests for the lists will come from Dean Keul's office each semester. The final list of student names, along with certification that the students have the recommendation of the department or the program for the award of Graduation with Distinction, should be submitted to his office, 011 Allen Building, by the following deadlines: mid-September for final list of September graduates, mid-December for final list of December graduates, late April for final list of May graduates. The list appears in the commencement program brochure in May, and the honor is noted on the student's transcript. See

Other Departmental Awards: Some departments acknowledge the achievements of certain undergraduates by awarding prizes annually. The names of the recipients may be included in the annual Commencement program by informing the Office of the University Marshal well in advance of the end of spring semester.

Note about Latin Honors by Overall Point Average: The identification of Latin Honors recipients by overall grade point average is done solely by the Office of the University Registrar. Students receive Latin honors based on their grade point average relative to that of the top 25 percent of the previous year's graduating class. The top five percent will receive summa cum laude; the next highest ten percent will receive magna cum laude, and the next ten percent, cum laude.

3. Commencement

Departments and programs have been asked to hold an event during Commencement weekend in May to recognize their graduating senior majors. An administrative/staff assistant should be designated to plan and implement it and communicate with the graduating students and their parents, but in general the DUS oversees the process. Planning for it should begin in October since the department/program will be contacted shortly thereafter by the University Marshal's Office as it prepares the official Calendar of Events for graduation weekend. Information regarding Commencement can be found on the Commencement website: Questions about the process should be directed to Dean Gerald Wilson. Student questions regarding commencement can be addressed to