Academic Affairs

Harassment Prevention Policy

1. The role of the DUS in possible situations of harassment

Responsibility for overseeing the resolution of claims of harassment rests with the Office of the Institutional Equity and, specifically, with its Director of Harassment Prevention. The Office of Institutional Equity has trained a group of Harassment Prevention Advisors (HPA); the HPAs are available for consultation by members of the university community. The Harassment Prevention Advisor in Trinity College is Dean Sabrina Thomas, 919-684-2075.

A DUS may be approached by undergraduates, graduate students, or faculty about situations that may involve harassment. In that event the DUS should refer the complaint to the appropriate individual: Dean Sabrina Thomas (for Trinity College students) or the Director of Harassment Prevention or other designated HPAs for other complaints, as identified on the Institutional Equity website.

2. Harassment policy and procedures

Full explanations of the University’s policies concerning harassment are available on the webpage of the Office of Institutional Equity at