Academic Affairs

Handbook for Majors

The College encourages all departments to have up-to-date handbooks on their websites, describing the various tracks within the major, special departmental options, opportunities, and procedures, as well as courses and their prerequisites. Of particular use to students is information on how to declare any tracks or concentrations in the major and a printable major/minor check-sheet that can be used in course planning. (Note that any changes in the major must be approved by the Committee on Curriculum of the Arts and Sciences Council before they can be publicized, and that departmental handbooks should not contain information contradicting the official description of the major in the Bulletin.)

The handbook should identify the current Director of Undergraduate Studies (and Associate Directors, appointed in some departments) and departmental faculty, noting their fields of specialization. Additionally, such handbooks should also deal with paths leading to graduate and professional schools and to employment opportunities. It is recommended that the handbook be in electronic form on the department's website -- ideally using the Handbook tool -- in the section designated for undergraduate programs. It should be checked for accuracy at least once per year.