Academic Affairs

Privacy Act: Student Files

The University complies with the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Through this act students are assured access to their individual records, unless the student has specifically waived the right to review material contained in these files. The records located in the departmental offices are covered by this act, e.g., personal notes about meetings and about reviews of records. Students may request access to these records by writing to the DUS. It is University policy that the DUS is not required to reveal the contents of the file immediately upon the receipt of the request, but such requests must be honored within a reasonably short time.

Concerning release of information about students: DUSs should familiarize themselves with the Duke University Student Records policy found at the University Registrar's website. Questions concerning the policy may be directed to the University Registrar, Dr. Frank Blalark. DUSs and instructors who are contacted by parents of students for such information may wish to refer them to the student’s academic dean.

DUS offices should exercise discretion and vigilance in dealing with the student records to which they have access, so as to protect their confidentiality. Instructors should be reminded not to post students’ grades by social security number.