Academic Affairs

Program Types

1. Duke administered programs

Duke-administered programs are developed and operated by Duke University. The courses offered in these programs include regular Duke courses approved by appropriate departments of the university and are taught either by Duke faculty members or faculty approved by Duke as well as direct enrollment courses in our host institutions abroad. In general, students receive regular Duke credit (not transfer credit) and letter grades for their course work in the courses arranged by the program and taught by Duke faculty, and transfer credit for the courses taught at the host universities.  They pay Duke tuition and a program fee for these programs. The courses, if so approved, count toward major, minor, certificate and general education requirements. Duke-administered academic year or semester programs are: Duke in Berlin, Duke Study in China, Duke in France/EDUCO, Duke in Glasgow, Duke in Istanbul, Duke in Madrid, Duke in St. Petersburg, Duke in Venice/Venice International University, the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies program in Rome, and the Organization for Tropical Studies programs in Costa Rica and South Africa.

All Duke summer programs are Duke-administered programs in which participants take Duke courses for Duke letter grades and credit. The number and location of the Duke summer programs varies each year; a current list can always be found on the GEO website (

2. Duke-approved programs

Duke-approved programs are administered by other U.S. or foreign universities or colleges, third party providers, or involve direct enrollment in a foreign university. Students earn transfer credit for their course work on these programs. They do not pay Duke tuition, but pay a study abroad fee each semester to Duke. Tuition and other program fees are paid directly to the institution administering the program. Duke's Global Education Committee has developed a List of Approved Programs for academic year, semester, and summer study abroad. Some 175 programs are approved for Duke student participation in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Oceania. This list changes from year to year as new programs are added (following review by DUSes and the approval of the Global Education Committee) and old ones are dropped. New programs may be granted approval according to the petition procedures detailed below.

All approved programs must be conducted by accredited degree granting institutions. The List of Approved Programs is available on the GEO website.

A special group of Duke-approved programs are the Oxford Direct at Pembroke and St. Peter Colleges, where Duke has special agreements. For matriculation in these institutions, Duke students apply through GEO, which pre-approves the students based on criteria established by these schools. As for all other Duke-approved programs, students receive transfer credit for their work done on the Direct programs in Oxford. They pay no Duke tuition, but do pay the study abroad fee each semester to Duke.

3. Exchanges

The office also supervises Duke's undergraduate international exchange programs. Exchanges exist with McGill University in Montreal, International Christian University in Tokyo, National University of Singapore, Shandong University in China and Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). Duke undergraduates participating in these exchanges receive transfer credits as in all other Duke-approved programs.

4. Visiting International Student Program

GEO, in cooperation with Undergraduate Admissions, may admit up to ten qualified foreign students a year provided they pay full Duke tuition. No financial aid is available for visiting international students.