Academic Affairs

Role & Responsibilities of the DUS


Each Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is appointed by the Dean of Academic Affairs upon the recommendation of the chair of the department. The normal term of appointment for a DUS is for three years. While the nature of the responsibilities of the DUS varies from department to department, the general duties include advising the chair and the departmental faculty on what is required or desirable in order to maintain the quality and scope of undergraduate instruction, the structure and content of the undergraduate major, the courses, course scheduling, and academic procedures.

In meeting this charge the DUS serves as a primary link between the department and its undergraduate students, and also as an essential administrative link between Trinity College and the faculty of the department. Because of these responsibilities the DUS must be well informed of the degree requirements and academic regulations of Trinity College, of the department, and of other programs throughout the University. While practices vary among departments, most DUSs will perform most of the departmental tasks that are described in this manual. The DUSs meet as a faculty group with the Dean of Academic Affairs for Trinity College and the academic deans several times during the academic year to discuss academic issues. They may also communicate with other DUSs through the listserv maintained by the College.