Academic Affairs

Schedule of Courses

In general the following (approximate) schedule is used by the University Registrar’s Office in preparing the semester schedule (Schedule of Courses), but dates vary depending on the date that classes begin.


For Fall

For Spring

DSV Opens:

December 1 August 1

Submissions Due:

Around the 1st week of February Tuesday after Labor Day (in September)

Schedule material is available via the Department Schedule Validator (DSV) and includes courses taught in the previous corresponding semester, scheduling policy procedures, and instructions containing specific steps for completing the course proofs via the DSV. Note that the footnotes are subject to change each semester.

A second round of course proofs is sent to each department according to the following timetable (approximate):


For Fall

For Spring


Third week of February End of September


Two weeks later Two weeks later

To ensure accuracy in the Schedule, the proofs should be checked carefully for errors. In addition, final changes should be made at this time.