Academic Affairs

Student Information Services & Systems (SISS)

The Student Information Services and Systems (SISS) Office released STORM and ACES, two online student information systems in the Spring of 2000 to facilitate improvements in student and staff services across the university. The functionalities of these two systems have since been superseded by PeopleSoft, though the acronyms continue to be used to indicate the student records, and student registration functions, respectively. Detailed information concerning accessing student information, service updates, training opportunities, etc., is available on the SISS webpage at


STORM refers to the online student information system for faculty and staff. Departmental staff use STORM to view their students’ academic histories, grades, majors, enrollment status, enrollment windows, and PIN numbers. In addition, departmental staff can view their departments’ class information for current and previous terms (previous terms go back to Fall 2000). Class information includes: class rosters, grade rosters, waitlist information, class permission numbers, and class status. STORM can be accessed at, or via the University Registrar’s website at

All Storm users must have a valid NETID and NETID password to login to STORM. Staff should contact the OIT help desk if they do not have a NETID, or if they have forgotten their NETID and or NETID password. The help desk can be reached at 684-2200 or In addition to a NETID and password, users must be given security to access STORM. To request security or to modify existing security, users can submit a request form via the SISS or Registrar websites. It is important to remember that STORM allows staff to access sensitive student data and must therefore be used with care. Every time a person logs in to the database he/she is making a formal commitment to use the data appropriately and to hold in confidence anything they see. Student information from any source and in any form is confidential and is available solely for the performance of official duties as a Duke employee. Access to private and confidential student information should be protected and used solely for the performance of official Duke duties. The access of student information outside of an department’s unit of responsibility is not allowed without documented authorization from the person with responsibility for that unit.


ACES refers to the online information and registration system for students. Students access ACES to register for courses during registration periods or to drop or add a course during the Drop/Add period. In addition to registration, students log in to ACES to request insurance, update their address information (see undergraduate address policy), update or add emergency contact information, request transcripts, check their grades, review their financial aid status, and review their bursar bills. Students access ACES via the Registrar’s website. Students must have a valid NETID and NETID password. If students do not know their NETID and password, they should call the help desk at 684-2200 or email the help desk at Instructions for using ACES can be found on the SISS website.