Academic Affairs

Transfer Course Approval

1. Courses taken prior to matriculation at Duke

By first-year entering students: Courses taken elsewhere at accredited colleges before matriculation at Duke are tentatively evaluated by the University Registrar’s Office, with final decisions, as necessary, made by the DUSs.

Students must have transcripts from the previous institution sent directly to the University Registrar’s Office. The student must also submit confirmation that regular faculty taught the course on a college campus with other college students, and that the course work did not count toward high school graduation requirements, nor appear on the high school transcript.

By transfer students: For students transferring to Duke from another college or university, the same policies for AP, IP and PMC courses apply for any pre-college work. However, any questions regarding post-matriculation transfer credits should be directed to the student’s academic dean.

2. Courses taken after matriculation at Duke

A student may transfer two semester course credits toward the degree after matriculation (plus study abroad credit). Approval of each course by the appropriate DUS and by the student’s academic dean should be obtained before enrollment. The approval forms are then sent by the dean to the University Registrar’s Office and retained there until a transcript is received. (See Transfer Credit from American Colleges.)

For more information on policies regarding AP, IP and Pre-matriculation credit.