Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Bulletin

Early in the spring semester (late January or early February) the DUS is asked to revise the departmental section of the Undergraduate Bulletin and to submit the updated section to Dean Walther’s Office. The Registrar's Office first creates an online wiki site posting the proof of each department's or program's entry, including the faculty listing, the courses of instruction, the major, minor, or certificate requirements, the description of honors programs, if any, and other related information. DUSs are asked to download the proof from the wiki site, revise it electronically in "track change" mode, and upload the revised proof to the wiki site for review by Dean Walther and staff.

The courses of instruction, as they appear in the proof, include the courses in the current Undergraduate Bulletin, updated to show all changes (additions, revisions, and deletions) approved by the Committee on Courses since the current Undergraduate Bulletin went to press (the previous Spring). If any new changes (in titles, descriptions, prerequisites, cross-listing, or credit) are desired, the changes must be approved by the Committee on Courses before the courses can be offered, inserted in or removed from the Undergraduate Bulletin, or appear in the ACES Schedule of Courses or other publications. (Changes in the instructional staff for a course do not need to be approved by the committee but can be indicated on the proof as a revision.) In updating the proof, the DUS should verify the continuing existence of courses offered in other departments that are mentioned as, for example, prerequisites or cross-listings.

The requirements for the major and the minor appear in the proof as they were published in the current Undergraduate Bulletin. Any revision must conform with Trinity College requirements and be approved by the Committee on Curriculum. Other departmental text may be revised as desired by the departmental faculty, but should be kept to a reasonable length in the interests of containing printing costs.

In the second round of the Bulletin revision in March, the DUS will be asked to proofread the updated proof that resulted from the material the department had submitted in February.

During the revision period DUSs may also receive information about the front section (i.e., the portions preceding Courses and Academic Programs) of the Bulletin.

The online version of the current Undergraduate Bulletin is available at