Facilities Office

Card Access & Keys

Hours of Access

During the year, access to TCA&S buildings is from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday. Building doors are closed on holidays and weekends and after hours. 

Duke students, faculty, and staff should use their Duke ID to gain access after hours. 

There is no public access to these buildings after 7:30 pm or on weekends unless a specific request is sent to tcscheduler@duke.edu with the attached room confirmation form to justify approval.

If public access is required for more than two hours after 7:30 pm or on weekends, the individual/s or group/s making the request must notify TCA&S Facilities no fewer than 96 hours prior to the event. All costs related to security beyond two hours will be determined by Duke Police and TCA&S Facilities, and are the sole responsibility of the requesting individuals or groups.

External Door Controls

48 Business Hours prior to start of your event, please send an email to robin.harris@duke.edu listing the event reservation number or attach a copy of the confirmed event reservation to request exterior door access stating times doors are to be opened.

Exterior door access is not provided for student groups, classes, or meetings attended by duke student, staff or faculty. For meetings with a guest speaker, the group must arrange to meet and let the guest in the bldg. Exterior doors are open only for meetings where the majority of attendee are non-duke faculty, staff or students.

Access to Labs

Please contact the following Lab Managers:

Biological Sciences Teaching Labs

Dorian McMillan
Senior Laboratory Administrator

Phone: +1 919 660 7433

Chemistry Teaching Lab

Christopher Roy, Ph.D.
Assoc Prof of the Prac of

Phone: +1 919 660 1518
Fax: +1 919 660 1581

Physics Teaching Labs

Kenneth McKenzie
Manager, Lab
Phone: +1 919 668 2659

Access to Classrooms

To gain access to classrooms, reservations should be made according to the TCA&S Classroom and Common Space policy by entering event request into the 25LIVE room request system. The approved room request will provide access into the reserved room based on the time noted in the request.

Faculty may enter classrooms to prepare for lectures or training on audio/visual equipment. This access does not supersede the need to reserve the classroom for meetings, lectures, and other business. A scheduled user will always take precedence over an unscheduled one. Failure to observe the terms of use can result in the loss of privileges. 

It is prohibited for any individual with approved access to transfer that access to another individual without explicit permission. For example, a faculty member or technician with card access to a specific laboratory may not give that card to an unapproved user without first notifying A&S Facilities, which in turn will contact the Duke Card office.

At the start of each semester each deparment must submit via the Access List Form the following:  New Faculty Hires, New Staff Hires, TA's that are Teaching and Visiting Scholars/Lectures and Others that are at 0.00 rate of pay who are teaching to robin.harris@duke.edu.  The exception to this policy are for deparments and programs that have a trained Local Access Coordinatior.   TCA&S Facilities will set up access for these individuals to have access to classrooms.


Key policies for Trinity College of Arts & Sciences comply with Duke University policies. For more information on these policies, please see http://www.fmd.duke.edu/buildings_maint/keyandlockshop.php

Trinity College A&S is adhering to an addendum to the University Key and Access policy,  During the interim period pending approval  of updates to the University Key and Access Policy by the University Board of Directors:

“All Grand Masters and Masters keys are held by the University Key Shop and issued as needed on a temporary base with the authorization of the Director and Vice President of the Facilities Management Department and/or the Executive Vice President of the University.   Sub-Master Keys are issued to School Departments through that School’s authorization process for assigned departmental spaces.  The School’s departmental policies and procedure shall be followed as to how keys are issued and what their record keeping process are for auditing purposes. Grand Master; Master; and Sub Master Keys are to be secured at Duke and used in conjunction with an employee’s day to day work schedule.“

Each department chair and program director must designate a key control manager who will request keys and hardware changes to TAC&S Facilities Office. All key requests for A&S building entrances, classrooms, audio/visual, group, and master keys should be made directly to robin.harris@duke.edu. The key control manager may contact the university key shop directly to request *only* individual keys for faculty and staff offices in their area.