Facilities Office

Health & Safety Policies

Occupational and Environmental Safety


Hallways are considered egress pathways.  In accordance with fire prevention regulations, more than 10 percent of any hallway may not be covered.  This will be determined according to type of use in general area, length of travel to exit point, and other formula requirements. A&S Facilities works with Duke FMD and the Fire Marshal with regard to placing board, picture, and electronic displays; recycle bins, seating, email stations, etc. to ensure compliance with regulations. Prior to placing items in the hallway or on hallway walls, please email asfacilities@duke.edu.


Duke is a smoke-free work environment. Smoking is prohibited 20 feet from the entrance of every building entrance point, at the entrance of, and inside all Trinity College of Arts & Sciences buildings. 

Fire Safety

Please see http://www.safety.duke.edu/FireSafety/ for more information.