Facilities Office

Reserve A&S Space - Non-Credit Use - Fall/Spring Semesters


This policy covers the process for reserving classroom or teaching laboratory space not needed for Trinity College undergraduate and graduate programs during the fall and spring semesters. These spaces may be reserved, subject to approval, when not in use for undergraduate or graduate academic classes.


A&S classrooms are scheduled through Duke’s centralized scheduling system, 25Live, and coordinated through the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences (TCA&S) Facilities Office. Use of TCA&S managed space is subject to our Use & Rental Policy for A&S Facility Space - for Non-Credit Activities. Requesters are responsible for reviewing the terms of the policy, which outlines potential fees, terms of use, and liability.

Rental fees will not be charged unless the space will be used for revenue generating activities. In addition, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences may charge fees for afterhours cleaning or damages in accordance with our policy.

Some space, such as teaching labs, may not be used without a Duke sponsor and may require training and/or safety certifications prior to use.  Teaching Labs use must be approved by the assigned Lab Manager from the assigned department. TCA&S Facilities must have an email or be contacted by the lab manager before we move forward with any use of a teaching lab by a non-Duke group or for non-academic use. There may also be additional teaching lab regulations that must be met prior to TCA&S Facilities approval for use.

Reservation requests will not be processed until all academic classes have been assigned.  Reservations are processed 30 days prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters and after March 1st for summer session.


Request a Space Reservation

  1. Review the Terms of Use, Disclaimers & Liability and Criteria for Fees in the Use & Rental Policy for A&S Facility Space - for Non-Credit Activities.
  2. Request a particular classroom or teaching lab space using the 25Live program.
  • Using your Duke Net ID, login into 25Live; select the Event Wizard, and follow the prompts.
  • Remember to include set-up and cleanup time in your request. Be aware that you may be assessed an after-hours cleaning fee if your use of the space prevents the normally scheduled cleaning service.
  • Requests for space to facilitate review sessions and study groups must have the Course name and number in the Event Title field. You must also include the instructor’s name and email address in the Comment field section.
  1. Confirmations will be emailed within 5 business days of the event request. (Note, reservations will not be processed until all academic classroom assignments are completed.) The TCA&S Office of Facilities may contact you for additional information regarding your reservation request.
  2. For audiovisual support: Plan to schedule media 48 hours in advance of your event by contacting tts-av@duke.edu, or call 919-660-3088. Requesters are responsible for arranging AV support with Trinity Technology Services.
  3. Arrange for after-hours building access: If your event will occur after regular building hours and the majority of your attendees do not have a Duke ID, you will need to arrange for building exterior door access. Plan to schedule access at least 3 business days prior to the start of the event by emailing Robin Harris at robin.harris@duke.edu.
  4. For non-routine housekeeping services please call 919-382-4515 48 hours prior to your event.

Reservation Changes and Cancellations

  1. Changes to a confirmed event may require the event be cancel by the TCA&S Office of Facilities Scheduler and the event resubmitted by the requestor with correct information.
  2. Reservation questions should be directed to the Trinity College Scheduler at 919-660-3037 or email robin.harris@duke.edu.
  3. Questions related to an academic class are to be directed to the Office of the University Registrar by calling 919-681-5831 or email class-scheduling@duke.edu.