Facilities Office

Space Assignment Inventory

Departments and programs must keep space, function, and occupant information updated in WebCentral, which is the uniersity's space tracking and reporting database. The University Capital Budget Office downloads space records every three months. Those downloads determine the space that TCA&S will be charged a maintenance and operation fee for. To account for TCA&S spaces it is the responsibility of each department and program to maintain up to date space inventory and to accurately record the room use; function and assign space to each Principal Investigator (PI). All these factors determine the space fee that TCA&S will pay.

Detailed information on how to use the system can be found at  the WebCentral site.

Each department and program should have a trained WebCentral user who can access the department/program space to update the information and print out space reports. Should you experience any problems, first contact  Lynn.Joyner@duke.edu to work through the process.

Training for WebCentral users and updates for existing users are provided each year by Duke Plant Accounting. Lynn Joyner (lynn.joyner@duke.edu) of the TCA&S Facilities Office will coordinate the annual training program, approve log-in to be assigned to departmental/program users and assist users as needed. 

Lynn Joyner, TCA&S Facilities Office 919-660-3041 Cell 919-943-2552