Faculty Affairs

Competitive Dean's Leaves

Competitive Dean’s Leaves for Professors of the Practice

Only Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors of the Practice in Arts & Sciences are eligible. Dean’s leaves provide faculty the opportunity to increase their scholarly activities, productivity, and teaching creativity by offering a semester’s relief from teaching and departmental responsibilities in order to pursue scholarly projects.

The criteria for Dean’s leaves are:

  1. the quality of the applicant’s research and teaching;
  2. the lack of other financial assistance for the pursuit of the project; and
  3. the timeliness of the leave in the applicant’s academic agenda/career.

Applicants should submit a narrative proposal (three to five pages) explaining the project, its significance, why the leave is timely, and why other funding is not available, so that the review panel can judge the application against the criteria stated above. Applicants should route their proposals through the department chair by December 1 of each academic year.