Faculty Affairs

Leave Supplement Policy

This policy is intended to support faculty members whose primary source of external funding is limited to fellowships.  Art & Sciences will consider requests for supplementary salary in cases where an external fellowship does not cover the total salary for the leave period. Our ability to provide this support must balance the creation of research opportunities for faculty with campus teaching needs and the availability of resources. To qualify for consideration a faculty member must secure a fellowship of at least $20,000. In no case may the Duke furnished salary and any external funding exceed a faculty member’s nine‐month salary.

Please note that for A&S faculty who hold joint appointments with other Duke Schools, A&S will only supplement that portion of the salary that is paid by A&S.

Supplements for Leaves of Absence:

  1. Arts & Sciences will consider requests to supplement a one-semester fellowship up to 50% of that semester’s pay.
  2. For a two semester fellowship, Arts & Sciences will consider the following:
  • For Full Professors: supplement for up to 40% of the nine-month salary
  • For Associate Professors: supplement for up to 50% of the nine-month salary
  • For Assistant Professors: supplement in an amount sufficient to keep the nine-month salary at 100%
  1. A faculty member may receive only one salary supplement for a leave of absence in between sabbaticals.

Supplements for Sabbaticals:

For a year-long sabbatical (or Junior Research Leave) at half pay, Arts & Sciences will consider requests to supplement an external fellowship up to 50% of one semester’s pay.

Salary supplements provided through this policy may not be written into proposals submitted to funders, but will only be considered upon receipt of formal notification that an external fellowship has been funded.

Arts & Sciences will make every effort to contribute fringe benefits to fellowships paid through the Duke payroll system.