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Negative Tenure Decision

Negative Tenure Decision (APT)

When a department's recommendation for promotion, tenure, or reappointment is negative, the Chair shall inform the Dean and the candidate using the appropriate sample letter in the Provost's procedures. The Dean's copy of this letter should be accompanied by one complete dossier. The Dean shall then inform the Provost of the department's recommendation and comment on it. The Provost may review the dossiers of all faculty whose candidacy has received a negative judgment by their departments. The letter from Chair to faculty member invites candidates to appeal department's recommendation directly to the Dean and Provost if they wish. 

In cases where a department recommends a candidate for promotion, tenure, or reappointment but the APT recommendation (where applicable) or the Provost's decision is negative, the Provost will inform the Dean by letter. The Provost will invite the Dean and, through the Dean, the department and the candidate to respond in writing to a summary of the APT report by submitting any further substantive information that might influence the final decision. In the letter to the Dean, the Provost will set a deadline for receiving this new information, normally  two weeks later. Upon receiving written appeals, the Provost can refer the case to APT and ask for reconsideration, or the Provost can reach a final decision without referral. On any one case, departments and candidates are limited to one response to an APT recommendation or to a decision by the Provost.  

Faculty should address questions involving violations of due process in personnel decisions to the Ombudsman and, if need be, the Faculty Hearing Committee.  

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