Faculty Affairs

Promotion Expectations for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

It is the expectation, at both the provostial and decanal levels, that the time line for promotions of faculty holding regular rank, non-tenure track appointments should be comparable to that for faculty in the tenure track ranks. Normally reviews for promotion from the assistant- to the associate-professor level should be expected to occur no sooner than the penultimate year of the second four-year appointment. As with tenure track assistant professors, assistant professors of the practice and assistant research professors who fail to be promoted to associate will not maintain employment at Duke beyond the end of their current contract (which includes a "grace" year after the promotion review takes place). Similarly we would expect faculty in the associate-level ranks to serve for a number of years before being reviewed for promotion to the full level. As with tenure-track faculty, there may be situations where an early promotion review is warranted. However, such promotions will be the exception. It would be prudent for Chairs to discuss anticipated early promotion reviews with the Dean before starting them.

Each department establishes its own criteria for evaluating candidates for appointment, reappointment and promotion in regular, non-tenure track ranks, and submits these in writing to the Dean for approval. These criteria should be appropriate to the discipline, and must be codified in departmental bylaws. Candidates for reappointment or promotion will have access to these criteria prior to their review. Criteria should be more rigorous for each higher level of faculty rank and in general should parallel, but not necessarily be equivalent to those used for tenure track faculty.