Faculty Affairs

Relocation of New Faculty

Relocation of New Faculty

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences assists new faculty with the relocation of their personal and professional possessions to Durham. Arts and Sciences will reimburse new faculty up to the stated limits for 1) the relocation of household goods and professional and personal effects, 2) travel expenses, including lodging but not meals, and 3) travel and lodging (no meals) for house-hunting.

Arts & Sciences requests that faculty obtain two relocation estimates for cost comparison and fax them to the office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences: 919-684-8503. Although Arts and Sciences does not have a preferred mover, DeHaven's Transfer and Storage, affiliated with North American Van Lines, has relocated many Arts & Sciences faculty over the years. Arts & Sciences will pay DeHaven's directly, up to the stated allowance. The contact person is Mr. Robert Long, President (1-888-388-0874 or 919-220-5441). If the faculty member uses another vendor, Arts & Sciences will pay the moving company directly. The new faculty member should notify the Dean’s office of their choice of mover and contact person.  A letter will be sent guaranteeing direct payment by Duke University. 

Original receipts for travel and lodging expenses should be submitted to the Dean's office for reimbursement. These receipts will be submitted to Employee Travel and Reimbursement once the moving bill has been paid and depending upon remaining available funds in the relocation allowance. 

Federal law requires that all moving expenses paid by an employer be reported to the IRS at the end of the calendar year. New faculty are alerted to keep copies of all bills and receipts for tax purposes. IRS publication #521 describes federal policy on relocations and may help individuals understand why payroll withholding occurs on some reimbursements.

Questions regarding relocation and reimbursement of expenses may be directed to the office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences, 919-684-4510.