Faculty Affairs

Request to Appoint Search Report

Searches: Requests to Appoint

Description of the Candidate Pool

  • Where advertised and how nominations solicited
  • Number of applications and general description of them
  • Racial and gender composition of the pool

Search Committee Activities

  • How applications screened
  • Preliminary interviews at professional meetings
  • How the short-list candidates were chosen
  • Interview experiences

Candidate-by-Candidate Assessments of those Interviewed

  • Assessment of Scholarship
  • Teaching Potential
  • Department Fit
  • Reactions aroused during campus visit

Departmental Deliberation

  • Date of meeting
  • List of members present and voting
  • Departmental vote
  • Chair's recommendation

Appointment conditions, including how the department can contribute to meeting them

  • Salary
  • Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Space and Renovation
  • Special Considerations
  • Deadline for candidate's decision (2 weeks is standard)

Once an appointment has been made and the signed letter received, please file a final version of the departmental EEO Faculty Audit Form with the Dean.