Faculty Affairs

Review Committees


Through its Chair, the department nominates to the relevant Divisional Dean and the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs the membership for a review committee, which can and sometimes must include faculty from outside the unit. The Chair must solicit from the candidate a brief synopsis describing the candidate’s intellectual interests, including a description of any factors – interdisciplinary or otherwise – that the candidate believes should be taken into consideration when establishing the review committee. The Chair will forward a copy of this statement, along with the candidate’s current vita, to the deans when nominating the review committee. The deans will then authorize the committee in writing.

Committee members must be at or above the rank for which the candidate is being considered. (Assistant professors, however, are not permitted to serve on any review committees.) Committee members must be arm’s-length from the candidate (i.e. no research collaborations). Exceptions are sometimes made on a case-by-case basis to insure adequate field coverage, but committee chairs MUST ALWAYS be fully arm’s-length.

Review committees for tenure and promotion/appointment to full professor cases must have no fewer than three members. Duke policy requires a minimum of five votes for all tenure and promotion to full cases. In departments with fewer than five members eligible to vote on the case, the review committee must therefore be comprised of at least five members of appropriate rank. In such instances, the vote of the committee will stand in for the vote of the department.