Faculty Affairs

Search Candidates Expense Policy

Allocation for Interview Expenses

The Dean’s office will transfer a set amount to each department to cover the expenses for three candidates per authorized faculty search.

The transferred amount is determined according to the following:

  • Junior searches: $2,500 for junior searches
  • Open-rank searches: $3,000 for open-rank searches
  • Senior searches: $3,500 for senior searches
  • Target of Opportunity searches: 2/3rd the amount for a senior search


If more than three candidates will be requested for an authorized search, your divisional dean’s approval will be required. If approved, additional funds will be transferred based on a prorated amount.

If international candidate travel expenses will cause an overrun of the total allocated faculty search fund, the department can request an exception from the divisional dean. If approved, additional funds for the actual budget overrun will be transferred to the department.


A 452-xxxx code has been established in each department for faculty search expenses. The allocated amounts will be based on the approved faculty search plan. An email will be sent to your business manager alerting them to the deposits made for each approved search. At the end of the fiscal year departments may keep any remaining funds. Departments are responsible for all overdrafts. Reconciliation of all procurement card expenses associated with candidates’ visits and processing of accounts payable check request forms to reimburse candidates for miscellaneous expenses will be the responsibility of the department.

Departments need to obtain the approval of their divisional dean before candidates may be invited to campus or scheduled on the deans’ calendars. Please refer to the Search Procedures Checklist: http://trinity.duke.edu/faculty-affairs/search-committee-procedures

Should you wish to invite a candidate back for a second visit, please contact your divisional dean for approval. We will split costs directly related to the candidate’s second visit evenly with the department. The Deans’ office will not pay any meal expenses for faculty who dine with candidates.