Faculty Affairs

Search Procedures Checklist

  1. The Dean of Arts & Sciences has authorized the search.
  2. The appropriate Divisional Dean has authorized the search committee, and the committee is broadly representative and inclusive. (N.B.: there are no rank restrictions for search committees; such committees can be good service opportunities for junior faculty members.)
  3. The search advertisement has been approved by the Vice Dean for Faculty.
  4. The ad has been placed in appropriate venues. (The Office for Institutional Equity maintains a good resource list.)
  5. Search committee responsibilities:
    1. Committee members must participate in the Fall sessions for faculty search committees hosted by Vice Provost Elabbas Benmamoun and Vice President Benjamin Reese. The goals of these sessions are: to share resources, best practices and recruitment strategies for excellence and diversity across Duke; to discuss challenges related to dual career/partner recruitment; and to discuss implicit bias.
    2. Decide on broad criteria for the search, but avoid inadvertently establishing norms that unnecessarily narrow the pool (e.g. by focusing only on candidates from a small set of PhD programs).
    3. Narrow the list of candidates and prepare a written report to the voting faculty in the department (normally all regular rank faculty). The report should: (i) recapitulate the search process; (ii) include a copy of the published advertisement; (iii) provide, to the extent possible, data on the demographics of the pool; (iv) give a candidate-by-candidate assessment of those individuals on the short list; and (v) justify the committee’s recommendations for the list of interviewees.
  6. Candidates not on the shortlist should be notified as soon as possible. (We have templates for these communications.)
  7. The department chair transmits (i) the “long shortlist” shortlist for initial screening interviews (e.g. by skype or at conventions), along with the search committee report and dossiers of the finalists, and (ii) the shortlist for campus interviews, to the Divisional Dean and the Vice Dean for Faculty for approval.
  8. After campus visits, the department votes to identify the top candidate. All regular rank faculty members, regardless of rank, are eligible to vote. The department chair may vote only to break a tie. 
  9. The department chair transmits the outcome of the vote and hiring recommendation, along with his/her independent recommendation, to the Divisional Dean.
  10. If the Arts & Sciences deans approve the department’s recommendation, the chair initiates negotiations with the leading candidate.
  11. The search committee chair or department chair should notify those invited to campus but not selected.
  12. The Dean sends a written offer letter.