Faculty Affairs

Search Committees


Through its Chair, the department nominates to the relevant Divisional Dean the membership for a new search committee, which can and sometimes must include faculty from outside the unit. There are no rank restrictions for members of search committees. Committees normally have 3-5 members. The Divisional Dean will authorize the search committee in writing, with the expectation that each member of the committee must attend a session sponsored by the Office for Institutional Equity regarding “best practices” in conducting searches to address our diversity goals and to conduct affirmative action compliant searches.

For searches for initial appointments granting tenure, there will be two separate committees – the first will conduct the search and the second will conduct the tenure review. Although these two functions must take place separately and sequentially, the two committees may have identical compositions if rank requirements are met for the review committee. (Example: for a search for an associate professor, the search committee may include non-tenured members of the faculty, but the review committee may include only tenured members of the faculty.)