Faculty Affairs

Search Committee Procedures

After discussing the department's affirmative action goals with the Divisional Dean and the Office of Institutional Equity, the search committee should draft an advertisement inviting applications and nominations. The ads must contain a description of rank, beginning date, tenure-track status, teaching expectations, application deadline, name and address of search committee chair, and the Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity statement). The advertisement must be approved by the Vice Dean for Faculty and placed in appropriate publications (see the "Sample Search Advertisement" immediately following this rubric).

The committee may contact colleagues at other universities to identify possible candidates, contact promising candidates directly for expressions of interest and, when appropriate, interview potential candidates at professional meetings. The committee should acknowledge all applications and at the same time request that candidates complete the Equal Employment Opportunity Form – Self Declaration for Candidates.

The committee should develop dossiers for candidates under serious consideration. These dossiers include a current curriculum vitae, the candidate's intellectual development statement or application letter, and any materials such as course outlines or sample course evaluations that are likely to illuminate the effectiveness of a candidate's teaching. In the case of candidates who have just completed graduate school, the department will request, at least, the candidate's placement dossier containing a minimum of three letters of recommendation. In the case of candidates with several years of teaching experience, the committee will request other evidence of professional development and activity, such as significant articles and books published, papers read before learned societies, and research in progress. The committee may solicit, when desirable, additional evaluations of specific strengths and weaknesses of the candidates with respect to research, teaching, rank among peers, and potential, supplementing the letters with written notes of any telephone conversations.

The committee should narrow the list of candidates to the three normally invited to interview on campus and, following the procedures prescribed in department bylaws, prepare a written report to the department. This report should recapitulate the search process and attach a copy of the published advertisement, give a candidate-by-candidate assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates on the short list, and justify to the faculty its recommendation for the top candidates.

The Chair then seeks the Dean's approval to invite the candidates for a campus visit. The Chair should attach to the request all supporting documentation:

  • candidate CVs
  • candidate professional statements or application letters,
  • the committee report to the faculty described above, and
  • EEO Reporting Form for Faculty Positions

Sample Search Advertisement

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. The Department of Cultural Anthropology invites applications and nominations for a tenure-track position at the assistant professor level to begin September 2010. Candidates must combine promise of theoretical contributions in their field with a commitment to empirical research and teaching. Send vitae and names of references to

Chair of the Search Committee, Department of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University, Box 90091, Durham NC 27708-0091. Applications received by December 1 will be guaranteed consideration. Duke University is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We value diversity in all of its many facets and meanings.