Finance & Administration

Establish a Gift Account Code (39X)


In the past, many departments in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences have used established 451 discretionary accounts to deposit unrestricted gifts to the department. The Office of Alumni and Development Records (ADR) has updated the policy regarding for gift codes.


The policy of Office of Alumni and Development Records is that 451 accounts can no longer be used to process gifts. A 39X account should be used for depositing discretionary gifts made to departments. If your department does not have an existing 39X account for discretionary gifts that are made to the department, we can offer assistance in establishing such accounts. Some departments do not receive discretionary gifts; however, to be proactive and make sure the proper 39X account is already established when, and if, gifts are received please see the procedures below.


The process for establishing new fund codes is straightforward. For departments with experience setting up fund codes for grant activity, the steps will be familiar.

  1. Fill out the Miscellaneous WBS Element Request (Office of Research Support).

Obtain the signature of the Department Chair as the "Project Director" to confirm his/her approval, as the chair will be responsible for the use of any funds deposited to the account.

Send the form with a cover letter to Keith Hurka-Owen, Director of Research Support, via e-mail to or campus mail: Keith Hurka-Owen, Box 104010, 2200 W. Main Street, Suite 710.

NOTE: If sending by e-mail, scan the signed form. 

  1. Once the fund is established, ORS will alert you to the fund code. Danielle Stone, assistant to Colleen Fitzpatrick in Arts & Sciences Development, is happy to assist in any way necessary in obtaining a 39X account for your department. Her contact information is and her phone is 919-684-5080.