Finance & Administration

Salary Setting


New fiscal year salaries are loaded into SAP/R3 via the Salary Setting module. Typically the module is open for data entry during the month of May for loading July 1 rates and staff performance evaluation scores.


Departments in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences enter salaries for staff Personnel SubAreas (PSA's) only. Faculty and instructional staff salaries are entered centrally by OFA staff.


1. Launch ZH230 in SAP.

  • Information is required in all four boxes
  • Enter salaries for three Personnel SubAreas (PSA's) ONLY:
    • 0001 - Exempt
    • 0002 - Non-exempt
    • 0028 - Post Docs
  • PSA's can be pulled up one at a time or in a group

2. Review information in Salary Setting Module.

  • The module is loaded with current, real-time data for all active employees
  • Information automatically updates as iForms/Payroll actions close

3. Enter rate, evaluation scores, and notes as needed.

  • Five columns are interactive
    • Performance score
    • New annual
    • New rate
    • Change annual
    • % change
  • Performance scores MUST be entered for all staff members
    • Scores can be entered from a drop-down menu
    • Enter "0 - Not eligible" for Research Associates, Post Docs, and other research staff who were not evaluated
  • Rates can be entered as an annual or periodic rate (monthly or bi-weekly)
    • Change annual or % change calculates automatically
  • Data in these columns will NOT update unless manually changed. For example, if the current annual rate changes in May or June, the New Annual rate will not update and the July rate may be wrong.
  • Enter notes as needed
    • Highlight line by clicking the gray box next to the name

4. Save and Approve to Next Level.

  • Once submitted to Next Level, all fields will be grayed out
  • Changes can no longer be made at the department level

Note: Timing is very important with regard to Salary Setting activity and deadlines must be followed. When Salary Setting is loaded into the system, it overwrites other rate change actions that may be pending in the system. The Salary Setting upload date is announced each year along with the window of opportunity for making the rate corrections via iForms.