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Friedl Business Center

The Friedl Business Center is the management center for the departments in the Friedl Building:  African and African American Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Program in Latino/a Studies, and the Program in Literature.  

Financial transactions, budgets, financial statements, payroll (non-student), travel, reimbursements, financial transfers, hiring/interviewing/evaluation of all departmental staff, hiring other personnel, all flow through our offices.  In addition to the financial transactions, the Business Center processes foreign national visitors.  Conferences and other meetings for the building departments can be planned, assisted, or coordinated with the Business Center.  Any building maintenance that is outside of department space is routed through our offices, among many other business activities.  So please, if you have any questions, we will try to look into it for you.  Feel free to come and see any one of us!

Thank you!

Pam Terterian,  Administrative Manager

Contact Information

Pam Terterian, Administrative Manager
224 Friedl Building
(Faculty, Departmental Budgets/Financial Oversight/Approvals, Building Departments Staff Development, Postdoc Payroll, Building plans oversight)

Nicole Brady, Financial & Payroll Specialist
223 Friedl Building
(Departmental finances/reconciliations/AAAS, Literature, Latino/a Studies corporate card & reimbursements)

Tracy Carhart, Corporate Card/Reimbursement Assistant
222 Friedl Building
(Cultural Anthropology corporate card & reimbursements)

Maria Maschauer, Events and Visitors Specialist
221 Friedl Building
(Building events, Special Events, Foreign Visa Specialist)


Department Events


Cultural Anthropology is pleased to present 

Cattle/Beef -- Developmentalism as Self-Consuming Growth
A lecture by
Julie Livingston

April 10, 2017
Friedl 225

This talk takes up the interplay between the health of cattle and that of humans in Botswana as a way of accounting for competing modes of reckoning future health under the sign of development.

Julie Livingston is Professor of History and Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University.  She is the author of Improvising Medicine: An African Oncology Ward in an Emerging Cancer Epidemic (Duke U Press), and Debility and the Moral Imagination in Botswana (Indiana U Press). 

Thinking Cinematics and the Program in Literature present

A lecture by Akira Lippit, from USC
As well as faculty and graduate students from NCSU, UNC Chapel Hill, and Duke

April 21, 2017

Location to be announced

More information will be announced soon

The Program in Literature presents the Annual Lecture in Critical Theory with

Paul Gilroy

Lecture: Monday, September 25, 2017
Seminar: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

More information will be announced soon



Expense Reports UPDATED 9/19/2016

The Vice President of Finance & Treasurer has issued a new corporate card policy that will suspend a corporate card for 90 days for any unassigned transaction (a transaction for which no receipt has been turned in and entered into an expense report).  The Friedl Business Center is making the necessary changes to our own internal deadlines in order to meet these requirements, effective immediately (September 19, 2016):

All corporate card receipts are due in the Friedl Business Center (Tracy or Nicole) by the 15th of every month.  (i.e. Sep receipts due October 15).  On or around the 10th of each month, Tracy and Nicole will send you a list of outstanding transactions as your only reminder.  Please be sure to include all of the necessary information needed to clear your transactions.  No other follow-up emails will be sent requesting receipts.

At any time you can view your own outstanding transactions by going to, my info tab, my expenses tab, then go to ‘manage corporate card transactions’. 

The full policy is  posted to the Duke Finance page (New Corporate Card Policy) and the addendum is below.

Thank you!


Corporate Card Policy for Untimely Postings Addendum

The IRS Accountable Plan rule requires that any business expenses include appropriate documentation, i.e. receipts and permissible business purposes. No personal charges are permissible. In support of this regulatory requirement as well as the clean close initiative related to federal grants, Duke University requires timely processing and reconciliation of all transactions related to corporate card expenses.

Unassigned Corporate Card Transactions

Corporate card transactions for which no action has been taken prior to the published untimely posting schedule are defined as unassigned transactions.

• These expenses will be posted to losses and damages, based upon the applicable departmental funding sources.

• These unsubstantiated transactions will result in card suspension.

Assigned Corporate Card Transactions

Corporate card transactions that have been included in an expense report but not routed through all approval levels prior to the untimely posting deadline are incomplete and defined as assigned transactions.

• All corporate card charges must be incorporated into an expense report with appropriate receipts and documentation. These must be routed for approval by the untimely posting deadline.

• Expense reports for which appropriate approval levels are not completed by the published untimely posting schedules will be posted to losses/damages, based upon the applicable departmental funding sources, and may result in card suspension, if there are recurring untimely postings.

• If the cardholder has provided the required information and the initiator has not taken action or approvals are delayed, departments may elect to take corrective action for the initiator or the approvers who have not taken the necessary action. No action will be applicable for the cardholder.

• Reports will be provided to management centers and business managers for those individuals who have multiple occurrences of assigned transactions.

Requests for Reinstatement of Cardholder Privileges:

Requests for reinstatement of cardholder privileges may be submitted after a 90 day period. A form has been developed to facilitate these requests, and it will be posted to the Employee Travel website. The receipts and business purposes should be attached to the form.

• In the event that receipts and permissible business purposes are not provided to support the unsubstantiated expenses, the corporate card will not be reinstated.

• Approvals will be required by the business manager and management center, if applicable.


Other Events

On Friday, March 17, from 9-11 in Room 03 of the Sanford School, our office will be leading an op-ed-writing workshop.

I am writing to ask you to please share this information with your faculty in the hope that many of them will sign up for the workshop.

This is a follow-up to last Friday’s communications workshop, where opinion writing was mentioned in passing but not explored in detail. Here is a story we posted yesterday about the workshop --

If you know of someone who wants to attend, please ask him/her to drop me a line.

Thanks, and best wishes,

Keith Lawrence
Executive Director, News & Communications
Duke University
(919) 681-8059 (o); (919) 724-3418 (c)

We have a very exciting seminar this Monday evening – with Rochester Institute of Technology’s Owen Gottlieb.  As seating is limited, please be sure to RSVP to .

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Monday, March 20 at 6:30PM, location Smith Warehouse, Room 228

Parking is located in the Smith Warehouse lot after 5pm.

Owen Gottlieb: Medieval and Religious Law in Game Design

Owen Gottlieb comes to Duke to discuss medieval religious law and learning games in this interactive seminar in which game theory will be discussed and a serious game will be played.  Dinner will be served, and due to a limited number of seats, we do ask that you RSVP to

Professor Gottlieb is Assistant Professor of Interactive Games and Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he also founded and Directs the Initiative in Religion, Culture and Policy at the MAGIC Center.  Gottlieb's scholarship, design, and public works defy traditional boundaries, nurturing new modes of positive change.  His work traverses multiple fields including games, religion, education, media studies, communications, anthropology, dramatic writing for film and television, dance, and software development.  His Ph.D. is in Education and Jewish Studies, specializing in Digital Media and Games for Learning. Gottlieb is the founder of ConverJent: Jewish Games for Learning (founded 2010) and, as a digital games innovator, was nominated Most Innovative Game at the 2013 Games for Change Festival.

The newest game project in his design studio plumbs ancient religious legal systems in order to model long forgotten successful modes of collaboration and cooperation.

This seminar is made possible by the Arts and the Moving Image (AMI), the Duke Center for Jewish Studies, the Department of Religious Studies, and Art, Art History and Visual Studies (AAHVS).


South Africa in a Whirlwind 

Yousuf Al-Bulushi, Goucher College

Wednesday, March 22
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Friedl Building, Room 225

Free and Open to the Public.

A light lunch will be served. Please RSVP to amanda.frederick@duke.edy by Friday, March 17th.

The post-2008 world has witnessed a series of radical rebellions and authoritarian revanchisms responding to the exigencies of economic and political crises. The trajectory of South African struggles highlights a longer-term dynamic of upheaval beginning in the late 1990s, shortly after the country's transition to a liberal democracy. Most recently, student movements in the country have dovetailed with the efforts of their counterparts in the United States and Europe in confronting anti-black violence and demanding a decolonized curriculum. This talk will explore the persistence of racism in contemporary South Africa through an examination of movements of the urban poor. It will examine these efforts for the lessons they have to offer movement debates in the country and the broader global conjuncture regarding claims to space, mobilizations of race, and the dialectic between state and movement powers. In doing so, it builds on the project of theoretically linking the radical contributions of Africana Studies and Geography.

Yousuf Al-Bulushi teaches Urban Peace Studies in the Center for Geographies of Justice at Goucher College in Baltimore.

CMAC Rendezvous with Jim Davies, Carleton University (CN), “A Vision for the Science of Imagination”

Thursday March 23, 4:30 PM
Smith Warehouse Collision Space
Bay 10, 2nd floor, Room A266


Drinks and snacks served @ 4:30 PM

Imagination is a crucial process for hypothetical thinking, planning, dreaming, counterfactual thinking, and creativity. In this talk Davies will present how imagination can be studied scientifically, and the various endeavors he is currently pursuing in the Science of Imagination Laboratory in the Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton University.

Please come enjoy some champagne or a beer and snacks with us, and join in on our brief discussions of recent and current projects. All are invited to meet with Jim, and engage the greater CMAC community.

For more information about the Rendezvous series please see .



Monday, March 27 at 6:00PM in Penn Pavilion 
Free parking will be located in the Bryan Center Garage
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks & Abdullah Antepli: Inter-Religious Dialogue in the Public Sphere

The Duke Center for Jewish Studies and Religions and Public Life at the Kenan Institute for Ethics are pleased to welcome back Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to Duke, who will partake in a conversation with Imam Abdullah Antepli on the nature of inter-religious dialogue within the public sphere.  This special event will be moderated by Professor Ellen Davis and is free and open to the public.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is a British rabbi, philosopher and scholar of Judaism. Since stepping down as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth - a position he served for 22 years between 1991 and 2013 - Rabbi Sacks has held a number of professorships at several academic institutions including Yeshiva University and King's College London. He currently serves as the Ingeborg and Ira Rennert Global Distinguished Professor at New York University. He was recently named the winner of the 2016 Templeton Prize in recognition of his "exceptional contributions to affirming life's spiritual dimension."

Imam Abdullah Antepli is a Senior Fellow on Jewish-Muslim Relations at the Shalom Hartman Institute and Co-Director of the Muslim Leadership Initiative. He serves as Chief Representative for Muslim Affairs and adjunct faculty of Islamic Studies at Duke University, where from 2008-2014 he served as the university’s first Muslim chaplain, one of only a handful of full-time Muslim chaplains at U.S. colleges and universities.

Ellen F. Davis is Amos Ragan Kearns Professor of Bible and Practical Theology at Duke Divinity School.  The author of ten books and many articles, her research interests focus on how biblical interpretation bears on the life of faith communities and their response to urgent public issues, particularly the environmental crisis and interfaith relations. Her recent book, Biblical Prophecy: Perspectives for Christian Theology, Discipleship and Ministry (Westminster John Knox, 2014), explores the prophetic role and word across both Testaments of the Christian Bible.



Cultural Anthropology is pleased to present 

Cattle/Beef -- Developmentalism as Self-Consuming Growth
A lecture by
Julie Livingston

April 10, 2017
Friedl 225

This talk takes up the interplay between the health of cattle and that of humans in Botswana as a way of accounting for competing modes of reckoning future health under the sign of development.

Julie Livingston is Professor of History and Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University.  She is the author of Improvising Medicine: An African Oncology Ward in an Emerging Cancer Epidemic (Duke U Press), and Debility and the Moral Imagination in Botswana (Indiana U Press). 

CFP: Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory

Bologna, June 26 - July 7, 2017

Deadline: April 15, 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 edition of the Summer School on Global Studies and Critical Theory (fourth edition) organized by the Academy of Global Humanities and Critical Theory. The Academy is a joint project of the University of Virginia, Duke University, and the University of Bologna.  

This year the Summer School will focus on SOVEREIGNTY AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS and more specifically on the problems and opportunities raised by fundamental transformations of contemporary politics. Classes, seminars, public meetings and debates will address this topic both from an historical and a theoretical perspective, and through the analysis of exemplary case studies, aiming at providing critical tools for the understanding of the current dynamics. The Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory will take place in Bologna across two whole weeks from June 26 to July 7, 2017. The intensive program consists of lectures, seminars, critical dialogues, workshops, and project presentations.

2017 Faculty include: Lawrie BALFOUR, Prathama BANERJEE, Judith BUTLER, Veronica GAGO, Carlo GALLI, David HARVEY, Murad IDRIS, Sandro MEZZADRA, Hlonipha MOKOENA, Juan OBARRIO, Karin SHAPIRO

For the first time this year will be also active the BOLOGNA SOCIAL PRACTICE LAB directed by Pedro LASCH in collaboration with Rossella MAZZAGLIA. Up to 20 participants at the Summer School will be selected to contribute, along with students at University of Bologna, artists, performers, and activists, to a social art project called Polit(t)ico: Interventions for Bologna (2017-2018). For more information, click here. For more information on the Social Practice Lab (SPL) based at the Duke’s Franklin Humanities Institute and led by Lasch, please see the SPL Facebook page

GRANTS are available for students and scholars who wish to participate:
o Up to 10 grants covering fees and accommodation
o Up to 5 grants covering fees
o Up to 5 grants covering fees, accommodation, and travel costs for Global South participants (Asia, Africa, Latin America) sponsored by UNIPOL GRUPPO (
o 1 grant sponsored by FIBRA ( covering fees, accommodation and travel expenses for a Brazilian participant
o Up to 5 grants sponsored by the Franklin Humanities Institute (, Program in Literature (, and Department of Romance Studies ( for Duke graduate students
o Up to 5 grants are available for University of Virginia graduate students

For more information about how to apply, visit our website at 

Deadline for applications: APRIL 15, 2017 at 3.00 pm (GMT+1)



Thinking Cinematics and the Program in Literature present

A lecture by Akira Lippit, from USC
As well as faculty and graduate students from NCSU, UNC Chapel Hill, and Duke

April 21, 2017

Location to be announced

More information will be announced soon




Payment Requests

For Payment Requests, please be sure to see the staff assigned to your department.  You will need to include all of the information necessary to process your payment.  If payments are for travel, you will need who the travel was for, the dates and purpose of travel, time you left for the airport, and any other information requested.  A more detailed explanation is available from the business center contact assigned to your department.  Also, please be sure to note on your receipts whether or not the receipts are for reimbursement to you, or if the receipt is for a corporate card reimbursement.

Do not pay anyone out of pocket and expect reimbursement.  All payments to individuals must be paid directly by Duke to the individuals.


Research Accounts

Transfer thresholds for the start of each fiscal year are as follows:

1.     If the beginning balance of the faculty research account as of July 1 is less than or equal to $5,000, 100% of the annual research amount will be deposited in July.

2.     If the beginning balance of the faculty research account as of July 1 is greater than $5,000 but less than $10,000, 50% of the annual research amount will be deposited in July with the remaining amount deposited on request.

3.     If the beginning balance of the faculty research account as of July 1 is greater than $10,000, all deposits will be on request.

Note: After the initial July transfers, any additional transfers must be made through a deposit request. There is currently no mechanism to trigger automatic transactions based on date, balance level or other criteria.


Payroll Building

The Graduate Student Payroll is handled in the individual departments.  All other payroll is handled in the Business Center.  Please DO NOT have anyone start to work, DO NOT promise anyone funds, DO NOT promise anything payment-wise, until you discuss with Nicole or Pam in the Business Center.  There are (surprisingly!) so many issues involved when it comes to paying people at Duke.  What applies to one person does not necessarily apply to another.

Anything to do with Payroll, paying someone for any type of work, or an 'allowance' or 'fellowship'... must be run through the Business Center to make sure that it can be done.  Also, keep in mind, paying someone takes a lot of time.  There are permissions and forms, etc.,etc.,etc., so, I just like to let everyone know ahead of time.



Visiting Scholars - African and African American Studies (AAAS)

Name                                                  University                    Dates                             Email                                  Duke Faculty Sponsor                                               

Project Description


Jennifer Pechhold Freie University, Berlin, Germany September 2015 Tommy DeFrantz According to Jennifer, “I would like to enhance my knowledge in the field of culture, specifically music culture and identity.
Yuping Wang Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China September 2015 Tommy DeFrantz According to Heather, “My research topic will be “The Black Prodigy and the White Consciousness: unraveling the Wheatley riddle,” a research project directed at the intersection of history, race, and literature.”
Jerlando F.L. Jackson University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin November 2015 Tommy DeFrantz

Jerlando came to African and African American Studies while on sabbatical at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Name                                   University                   Dates                      Email                                   Duke Faculty Sponsor                                       Project Description


Zhao Shuyan
(Jane Austin)
University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China February 2014 Sandy Darity According to Zhao Shuyan, her specific area of research is women's health and5rb v rights protection.
Guo Xi Inner Mongolia University,
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

December 2014 Sandy Darity

According to Guo Xi, his area of research is basic public services and its policy. 

Name University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Carlos Garrido Castellano

University of Granada, Spain
Now, University of Lisbon, Portugal

July 2013 Michaeline Crichlow According to Carlos, "I will do research on Carribean Cultures and art." 


Name University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Li Zhang Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing, China

August 2012 Sandy Darity

According to Zhang Li, her research topic at Duke is Income inequality and history of economic thoughts.

Name  University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Lihua Zhao

China West Normal University, in Nanchong, China August 2011 Sandy Darity

According to Lihua, her research topic is Spatial Politics of 20th Century African-American Fiction.


Visiting Scholars - Center For Global Studies and the Humanities

Name University Dates                    Email Duke Faculty Sponsor             

Project Description                                                           


Edgar Forster University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland January 2016 Walter Mignolo According to Edgar, his specific area of research is Global Studies and Education.
Fernando Montenegro Sandoval From Quito Ecuador
And the Industrial Technical Institute Int. in Mexico City, Mexico
February 2016 Walter Mignolo According to Fernando, "The main topics I will entertain is the relation between literature works and different geopolitical approaches, with the US-Mexican Border as the most important scenario in which those discussions take place."





Name                                  University                 Dates                          Email Duke Faculty Sponsor                Project Description
Name                     University                                                                                            Dates                     Email Duke Faculty Sponsor                              Project Description


Yan Fang

The School of Chinese Language and Literature,
Central China Normal University, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

August 2015 Walter Mignolo

According to Fang Yan, “My research will focus on the topic of “the theory-traveling of Chinese Marxist literary theory from the perspective of coloniality/decoloniality”, which will involve areas of research such as comparative literary theory studies, modernity/coloniality studies, the geopolitics of knowledge studies.”


Estevão Fernandes Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil February 2014

Walter Mignolo

According to Estevão, his research interests are attending and help organize the workshops “The Art of Democratic Revolution” and “The Global Goes Native: Integrating Indigeneity to Global Issues”. 
Haiyan Xie School of Foreign Languages, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China March 2014 Walter Mignolo According to Haiyan Xie, “Literary translation and cultural studies are my field of studies, and now modernity is my specific area of research because I'm now doing a research about "Lu Xun's translation and its appeal to modernity".
Julio Roberto de Souza Pinto The House of Representativves, Training Center, Training and Enhancement Program Graduate, Brasilia, Brazil August 2014 Walter Mignolo

According to Julio, "I'll be studying the concept of coloniality as a starting point to understand the social, economic and political formation of Brazil."

Zhu Feng China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing, China August 2014 Walter Mignolo According to Zhu Feng, "I intend to do research in the field of postcolonial studies."
Dong Jo Kang Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea September 2014 Walter Mignolo

According to Dong Jo, “I will write my dissertation.”  His dissertation title is called, “Not reached modernization of Korea made by the mistranslated term “modern” and misperceived Western modernity”.

Name                                                                                       University                                     Dates                  Email Duke Faculty Sponsor                      Project Description


Miguel Mandujano Estrada University of Barcelona, Spain April 2013 Walter Mignolo

According to Miguel, he is working on writing the article "The 'P'urhépecha' Spring; Toward A Decolonial Reading Of The Restoration Of 'Good Government In Cheran, Mexico" and the chapter "An Assessment From The South; Cheran And The Relevance of Subaltern Cosmopolitanism".

Andrés Argüello Parra Universidad Santo Tomás Bucaramanga, Colombia October 2013 Walter Mignolo

According to Andrés, his field of study is the philosophy of education.  His specific area of research is Decolonizing Pedagogy and its ethical issues on emerging societies.

Name                                        University                                Dates                                   Email Duke Faculty Sponsor                                   Project Description


Pamela Tala-Ruiz Received her doctorate from the Universidad de Chile, in Santiago, Chile, and came to Duke to do postdoc research Feburary 2012 Walter Mignolo

Pamela's research topic is: "Latin American Literature, and research about young writers (under 40 years old)'s novels and how they are showing the phenomenon of migration".

Yu Kuang Beijing Normal University, Beijing China August 2012 Walter Mignolo

According to Kuang Yu, his research topic at Duke are, "literary criticism/European thoughts history/philosophy of politics/German Romantic Studies/Comparative studies of west and Chinese poetics."

Name                                               University                    Dates                      Email Duke Faculty Sponsor                                      Project Description


Rebecca Fuchs University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany September 2011 Walter Mignolo

According to Rebecca, her research topic is, "I write my dissertation in American Studies about Caribbean literature and globalization. My particular focus is on contemporary diaspora novels dealing with dictatorships in the Caribbean and how they narratively challenge colonial structures in knowledge and historiography."




Visiting Scholars - Cultural Anthropology


Name                  University             Dates                                    


Duke Faculty Sponsor         Project Description
Yuxi Cao Director of the Training Center, China International Intellectech Corp, Beijing, China January 2016 Ralph Litzinger According to Yuxi, her research plan is finding what source can make the demographic dividend sustainable in China, and induce how the technology innovation dividend effects US economic growth. 
Lang Jing Nankai University, Tianjin, China

August 2016  Ralph Litzinger According to Lang Jing, "My major in China is the Theory of Literature and Art and the direction of my research focus on Modern Chinese film."                             
Liu Liu Minzu University of China, Beijing, China August 2016 Louise Meintjes, Ralph Litzinger, Judith Farquhar        According to Liu Liu, “I wish to further my studies in anthropology theories and dance anthropology methodologies at Duke."



Name University Dates                                      Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Lin Di

Jilin University, Changchun, Jilin Province, China September 2014 Ralph Litzinger

According to Lin Di, “My research area is the focus on the Urbanization of Chinese Migrant Workers.”

 Man Yang (Judy Yang)

Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei, China

December 2014 Ralph Litzinger

According to Man Yang, her field of study is Anthropology of media.


Name                   University Dates                     Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Lijuan Yan Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China June 2013 Ralph Litzinger According to Lijuan Yan, her area of interest is about China's migrant labors and cultural heritage and development of ethnic minorities. 
Magnus Stenius Umeå University, Sweden October 2013 Orin Starn According to Magnus, his specific area of interest is, embodied ethnography and phenomenological theory.
  Name                     University Dates                        Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Projecct Description


Haifei Wang

Lanzhou University, in Lanzhou, China August 2012 Ralph Litzinger

According to Haifei, his research topic at Duke is visual anthropology and culture anthropology.

Zhuoma Zengji
"Zomkyid Drolma"

Minzu University of China, Beijing, China

September 2012 Ralph Litzinger According to Zomkyid Drolma, her research topic is anthropological theories, ethnographic methods, and China studies.


Name                University Dates                      Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Luo Kanglong Jishou University, Jishou City, China August 2011 Ralph Litzinger

According to Luo Kanglong, "My Research Topic is about Ecological anthropology, cultural adaptation, and Cultural Anthropology."

Ruifang Wang Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China August 2011 Ralph Litzinger According to Ruifang Wang, her research interests are rural social changes, lifestyle changes under the influence of modernization, the minorities’ migrant labor. 



Visiting Scholars - The Program in Literature

Name                 University Dates                      Email Duke Faculty Sponsor                Project Description
Name University Dates                       Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Min Liu Hubei Normal University, Huangshi City, China September 2016 Ken Surin According to Liu Min, her research area of interest includes English and American Literature and literary criticism.



Lea Muldtofte Olsen Aarhus University, Sweden February 2015 Negar Mottahedeh According to Lea, I will be visiting and collaborating with associate professor Negar Mottahedeh and working with other relevant researchers and professors, and writing my midterm dissertation
 Wang Xingkun Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin, China  March 2015 Michael Hardt According to Wang Xingkun, “My area of research is the concept of “common” in Chinese and western thought, especially the relationship between the common, the public and communism. My field of study is the  comparison between Chinese classical thought (esp. Confucianism and Legalism) and western radical and critical thought, with the aim to reach a synthesis.”
Axel Cherniavsky

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina 

October 2015 Michael Hardt

According to Axel, “I intend to pursue research on the reception of the Hegelian philosophy in the XXth century in France.”

Cheng Hongwu University of Jinan, Jinan, China October 2015 Toril Moi According to Cheng Hongwu, "My academic interests are gender theory, and the comparison of western feminism and Chinese feminist literature. I want to do the research about the new trends of American literature since the new century."
Bruna Della Torre de Carvalho Lima University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil December 2015 Fred Jameson According to Bruna, the area of her research is “to investigate the relation between the reification process and the crisis of narrative regarding Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno’s debate during the 1930’s.”
Eduardo Altheman Camargo Santos University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil December 2015 Fred Jameson According to Eduardo, the area of his research is, “to develop an analytical articulation of Foucault’s theories of disciplinary society and biopolitical and neoliberal governmentalities, on one hand, and Marcuse’s diagnosis of one-dimensional men and society, on the other.”
Name University Dates                          Email                                                               Duke Faculty Sponsor         Project Description               


Shen Chu “Lisa Shen”

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

January 2014

Ken Surin

According to Shen Chu, “I will study how the translation of children's literature in the early twentieth-century China is manipulated and maneuvered by the interplay of nationalism and cosmopolitanism. 
Anouch Kurkdjian Cidade Universitária, São Paulo, Brazil January 2014 Fred Jameson

According to Anouch, her research is on literary theory.

Pedro Mendes

Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil

March 2014

Michael Hardt

According to Pedro, “My research is about "the formation of the multitude within the globalization process as political, estetical and ethical (among others) autoformation of the individuals".  It involves political theory on globalization, critical theory and philosophy.”

Shane Denson Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, Englisches Seminar / American Studies, Hannover, Germany August 2014 Mark Hansen According to Shane, "The title of my project is "Serializing Digital Community: A Media-Archaeology of Serialization Practices in Computer Games and Digital Media Culture." 
Johannes Björk Umeå University, Sweden August 2014 Michael Hardt

According to Johannes, the research he will conduct will, “focus upon the aesthetic experience of swedish workers in the late 19th century as a ground for politics and methodological and political presumptions within the institution of comparative literature and the way in which these presumptions in an unreflected, not to say unconscious way, have been decisive in dissociate a field of proletarian literature from literature as such by what may be called an exclusion by homage.”

Thangamani Ravichandran "Ravi" Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India August 2014 Kate Hayles According to Ravichandran, “I intend to pursue research on the interface between literature, technology and environment from global and pedagogical perspectives.  My area of research comprises Posthumanism, Ecocriticism, Cybercriticism, Climate Fiction and Ecotopia. As part of developing pedagogical strategies for teaching courses on the field of technoliterature with a focus on environment.”
Xiaowu Huang

Working for Central Compilation and Translation Bureau as an editor first in the Journal Foreign Theoretical Trends and in the Journal Marxism and Reality, in Beijing, China

September 2014 Michael Hardt According to Xiaowu Huang, "I will do research on Italian Marxism especially the New Left at Duke. The title of my project is study on Italian New Left." 
Jussi Ojajärvi Oulu, Finland September 2014 Michael Hardt and
Fred Jameson
According to Jussi, “I will be doing research on the field of literary theory (concepts of class, political unconscious, cognitive mapping) and contemporary (in particular, Finnish) literature.”
Chen Xin Tsinghua University, Beijing, China September 2014

Ken Surin According to Chen Xin, the title of my project is resistant writing-Studies on Nadine Gordimer within Perspective of Post-colonialism. My research field is
post-colonialism, French Philosophy, and Third World Literature. 
Inge Hinterwaldner University of Basel, in Basel, Switzerland October 2014 Mark Hansen According to Inge, she is writing her habilitation thesis on "Fluid Form Conceptions: Preliminaries for an Aesthetics of Ephemeral Images".
Li Wei  Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China October 2014 Ken Surin

According to Li Wei, “My area of research is western critical theories in the 19th and 20th Century, and I am going to collect documentations for my PH.D dissertation about Matthew Arnold’s cultural theories.” 



Name                             University Dates                         Email Duke Faculty Sponsor Project Description


Anne Berit Lyngstad Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway January 2013 Toril Moi

According to Anne Berit, “I intend to work on my ph.d dissertation in Scandinavian Studies and Comparative Literature (The novel as a Performative Hybrid. Biographical Staging in Contemporary Scandinavian Prose).”

Anna-Klara Bojo Göteborgs University, Göteborg, Sweden January 2013 Michael Hardt

According to Anna Klara, her area of research concerns the limits and possibilities of expressing subjective experience in language.

Vidar Thorsteinsson From Iceland and
University: Ohio State University, USA
January 2013 Michael Hardt and
Kate Hayles

According to Vidar, his ongoing doctoral research is in the field of cultural and social theory. 

Qing Zang Nanjing University, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China August 2013 Rey Chow

According to Zang Qing, my research focuses on gender study, aiming to re-evaluate the contribution of female writing to contemporary Chinese literature and reconsidering the relationship between western feminism and Chinese female writing.”

Yufeng Xu “Anna Xu” East China Normal University, Shanghai, China December 2013

Ken Surin

According to Anna Xu, she is doing research on culture and poetry.

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Mauricio Berger Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina January 2012 Michael Hardt
Tatiani Rapatzikou

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece

March 2012 Ken Surin
Jiansheng Hu Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China April 2012 Ken Surin
Li Cao

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

July 2012 Michael Hardt
Shu Wang Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China September 2012 Mark Hansen
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Jussi Ojajärvi University of Eastern Finland (2011-), and the University of Tampere, Finland (-2010) January 2011 Fred Jameson
Pierre-Louis Patoine University of Paris 8 in France, and the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada August 2011 Kate Hayles
and Michael Hardt
Nanna Bonde University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark September 2011 Kate Hayles
Cheng Lu Fudan University, Shanghai, China November 2011 Ken Surin


Name University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor


Tao Qi

Anhui University, Hefei, China

January 2010 Ken Surin
Fusheng Wang Jilin University, Changchun, China January 2010 Ken Surin
Lanjun Qin Peking University, Beijing, China August 2010 Michael Hardt
Peter Waites Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden August 2010 Kate Hayles
Sylwia Chrostowska University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 2010 Ken Surin
Tammy Castelein Utrecht University, the Netherlands November 2010 Michael Hardt
Bram Ieven Utrecht University, the Netherlands November 2010 Michael Hardt
Lingli Yuan Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China December 2010 Ken Surin
Hao Zhou Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China December 2010 Ken Surin



Name University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor


Lovorka Gruic-Grmusa University of Rijeka, Croatia June 2009 Kate Hayles
Lv Na "Lu Na" "Luna"

Jilin University, China

August 2009 Ken Surin
Yanlin Shi Renming University of China. Beijing, China September 2009 Ranji Khanna
Anna Maria Thiemann Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Münster, Germany October 2009 Kate Hayles


Name University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor


Weihua He Tsinghua University, Beijing, China August 2008 Fred Jameson
Hoonsung Hwang Dongguk University, Chunggu, Seoul, Korea August 2008 Jan Radway
Qinghong Xu

Anhui University, Hefei, China

September 2008 Jan Radway
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Name University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor


Michael Kühn Universtiy of Hannover, Hannover, Germany January 2007 Michael Hardt


Michael Epp Peterborough, Ontario, Canada September 2006 Jan Radway
Fang Li Chongqing, China September 2006 Michael Hardt
Julia Almedia Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

November 2006 Jan Radway
Name University Dates Email Duke Faculty Sponsor


Magnus Wennerhag Lund, Sweden January 2005 Michael Hardt
Catherine Driscoll

University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

August 2005 Robyn Wiegman
and Jan Radway
Yuqiong Wang

Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China

August 2005 Fred Jameson
Guo Jun

Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China

September 2005 Jan Radway
Marit Kathryn Corneil

NTNU, University of Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway

November 2005 Jane Gaines