Finance & Administration

Graduate Student Prizes

Procedures for Payments

The supplement iform is used to deliver monetary prizes awarded to students for recognition of achievement and excellence such as an outstanding Ph.D dissertation or research project. Payments for such prizes require approval of the Dean of Finance and Administration. A completed Request for Supplemental Pay form should be completed and emailed or hand-delivered to the Office of Finance and Administration, attention: Kathy Agusta.

These prizes are considered income and the appropriate taxes will be withheld from the award payment. To disburse the full amount of the prize to the student contact Corporate Payroll for assistance with determining the amount. The department will incur the cost of the prize plus applicable taxes.

Students will receive the payment through the payroll system.

Note: These prizes are different from awards for scholarships and fellowships.  Scholarship and fellowship payments are made via the Non-compensatory form. Downloading Corporate Payroll forms now requires the use of your NetID.

See also:  Non-compensatory Payments