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Hiring Regular Rank Faculty


This article is a resource for Arts & Sciences Department and Program Administrators who are in the process of taking the initial steps of hiring a regular rank faculty member (tenure/tenure track and non-tenure track). The contents of this article are limited to the policies, procedures and processes related to the hiring of Arts & Sciences regular rank faculty members. These guidelines are most effective when used in concert with all related requirements and resources such as the HR website,

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For those requiring assistance with the APT process or any faculty affairs issues, additional resources include the:


Follow the decision tree below to determine what procedures to follow:

Question 1: Do you have a signed appointment letter?

Note: The Dean of Faculty makes all appointments of regular rank faculty and will write the appointment letters of all regular rank faculty, both tenure and non-tenure track.

  1. Yes Answer Option One

If yes, the department should obtain the degree verification and complete the HR documentation. For further details, see below 'New Hire Documentation'

Your department is also responsible for completing the New Faculty Member Form in dFac. It is mandatory that this form be completed as soon as possible because it requires several approvals and will integrate with the Hire iForm.

Additionally, see the Summary of Required Documentation found at the end of this article.

Note:  It is important to note that a faculty member's initial appointment may be an Exempt position (i.e. Scholar in Residence) for the purpose of transferring grants or gaining access to start-up funds or a Non-Regular Rank appointment (i.e. Visiting Professor) pending tenure review and the approval of the Provost decision.

  1. Yes Answer Option Two

Yes, but the faculty member must be on payroll to transfer grants or gain access to their start-up funds.

If this is the case, notify the appropriate person in the Office of Finance and Administration and draft an appointment letter within your department. A copy of the appointment letter should be sent to the Office of Finance and Administration. If your department does not have a Scholar in Residence position, one will need to be created (Express Classification) and filled by the future faculty member. The rate of pay should be zero. The faculty member should not receive any compensation during this period of time prior to their faculty appointment.

Your department will reclassify the Scholar in Residence position, via a Promotion/Change of Status dFac Form, to the position designated in the faculty appointment letter. Your department should also initiate the necessary iForms (a Rate and Schedule Change and a Cost Distribution Change). Do not transfer the faculty member to a new position.

  1. Yes Answer Option Three

Yes and a DUID and NetID are needed immediately so that the faculty member can start making preparations for the beginning of the semester.

For further details: See below, 'New Hire Documentation', DUID and NetIDs

  1. No Answer

If no, STOP.  Do not take any action until you have a signed letter.

New Hire Documentation and Forms

Summary of Required Documentation

Ultimately, you are responsible for obtaining completed HR documents and sending them to HR. ( The original forms should be sent directly to Human Resources. The Hire iForm can not be completed without the HR documents. By law, individuals cannot be paid, even retroactively, for any work done before Section 2 of the I-9 has been completed. To comply with this federal regulation, the faculty member should visit your department as soon as possible with the required documentation, as defined on the I-9.

Biographical Data Form

The Biographical Data Form should be completed prior to the posted deadline. The posted department deadline is not the same as the Hire iForm deadline. Remember, the Hire iForm deadline is the deadline for the Office of Finance and Administration which provides us with time to review the Hire iForm and all other forms in our UWL.

I-9 Form

The I-9 will need to be completed within your department.

The Hire iForm will not be approved by Human Resources without the I-9.

DUID and NetIDs??

If a faculty member needs a DUID and a NetID immediately to start making preparations for the beginning of the semester, you can follow these steps to make a request.

Before requesting a NetID, be certain there has not been a prior affiliation with Duke. Once this has been determined, type in your browser. You will be directed to the Duke Office of Information Technology website. Take the following path to request a NetID:

E-Mail & Calendaring (E-mail & Accounts)>NetID>Guest Accounts and Access

On the Guest Accounts and Access page, follow the instructions outlined in the Sponsored Guest Accounts for General Access to Duke IT Resources. As the business manager, you will act as the sponsor and the faculty member as an affiliate. It takes approximately 3 business days to get the NetID, but you can view the status of your request through this service as well.

The affiliation association with Duke will change when the Hire iForm is initiated.

Verification of Degree

As a part of the periodic regional accreditation process, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools requires Duke University to keep on file proof of each faculty member’s highest degree. In order to place a regular rank faculty member on payroll, a certified copy of the faculty member’s official transcripts indicating the date when he/she obtained their highest degree must be filed in Kevin Moore’s office in order to initiate a Hire iForm. 

See also: Proof of Degree


A campus address (physical location and box number) and campus phone number and local home address should be included on the Hire iForm.


A New Faculty Member Form should be initiated as soon as possible. All appointments - primary, secondary, joint and administrative - should be included on the New Faculty Member Form.

This form is completed once a formal offer has been accepted. It is mandatory that this form be completed as soon as possible because it requires several approvals and will integrate with the Hire iForm. The Hire iForm can not be completed until the New Faculty Member Form has been approved at all levels and is closed.

Hire iForm

Beginning August 1, 2012, the Hire iForm should be completed in the Arts & Sciences Departments. See 2012 Faculty Hires Memorandum on the Hire IForms for Regular Rank Faculty. The verification of degree should continue be sent directly to Brian Greene in the Office of Faculty Affairs, 111 Allen Building, Box 90046.

The deadline for all forms can be found in the second column on the Duke University Corporate Payroll Services Monthly Payroll Schedule (***Forms Due to Management Centers - Management Centers include Arts & Sciences Administrative Area - the Office of Finance and Administration).