Finance & Administration

Filling Open Staff Position


All regular, leveled staff positions follow the same procedures for filling an open position. After approval is received to open an exempt staff or non-exempt staff position and the open requisition process has been followed, conduct your recruitment process through Candidate Selection.


When a candidate has been selected for an offer the steps below must be followed before an offer can be made to the candidate:

  1. Review the funding source budget. Possible funding sources include:
  • Departmental annual budget (15xxxxx)
  • Sponsored Project funds (3xxxxxx)
  • Other restricted funds (391xxxx)
  • Unrestricted funds (451xxxx)
  • Agency funds (850xxxx)
  1.  Determine a proposed salary or rate of pay based on:
  • budget
  • internal equity
  • candidate's skill proficiency, years of related experience, and educational background
  1. Submit an email to TCA&S Human Resource Manager, Susan Davis, with the proposed salary or rate, thorough justification of the offer, and copy of the candidate's resume for review and approval. This process should be followed for internal or external candidates.
  2. Once an approved salary or rate of pay is received you may proceed with the offer to the candidate.


Follow the next step-by-step processes to complete the hire so the candidate can join your team.

1. Candidate accepts the offer

2. Candidate does not accept the offer

  • Track candidate as appropriate in Candidate Selection
  • Contact Recruiter to request additional applicants or further discuss requirements and preferences.
  • Continue to review applicants until suitable candidate is selected.
  • Continue to follow above procedures for making an offer and completing the hire.

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