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Open Vacant Position


When a department has an exempt or non-exempt staff position vacancy, the departmental business manager or administrator must follow the position requisition process outlined here.  All regular, leveled position follow the same procedures for opening a requisition (or posting a position for hire).


The most important steps in the process are

The requisition in iForms can not be opened prior to obtaining written approval to fill the position.


Once you have received written approval to open the staff position, the next step is to initiate the open requisition in iForms. You should also post the job vacancy notice within your department. Vacant positions must be posted for seven calendar days prior to filling them.

  • Log into
    • Provide NetID and password
    • Select iForms from the blue toolbar at the top
    • Select Positions
  • If you know the position number, enter it directly into the search field box.
    • If you do not, select Positions from the Detailed Navigation column to obtain a list of all positions in your organization unit.
  • Click on the iForms icon for the available iForm options
    • Select Open a Requisition
  • Complete the Requisition Assignment
    • Primary Dept. Contact will normally be the departmental business manager
    • Departmental Hiring Manager should always be Kathy Agusta
    • Effective Date should be the current date or the date you want the position to be included in the Duke Jobs listings.  Positions are required to be posted for seven calendar days.
  • Complete
    • Requisition Details
    • Position Description - this can be pasted from a Word document.
    • Minimum Qualifications - including any required qualifications such as SAP/R3 or WORKS.
    • Provide any other Preferences and Comments helpful to the recruiter.
  • Click on Check to verify the data you entered is consistent.
  • Submit.

Open Requisitions will follow the regular iForms work flow for approval routing. It is the responsibility of the initiator and departmental approver to ensure all iForms are resolved either through Closed/Approved status or Reversed/Deleted. To check the status of the iForm, the initiator can select iForms Overview from the blue toolbar then, click on the status of the iForm initiated. The departmental approver can view the status from the Positions tab in iForms.

After the open requisition has been approved the job posting will appear on the Duke HR Jobs website. The assigned employment recruiter will populate the applicant pool with candidates who have applied for the position and meet the minimum specifications.

You will conduct your recruitment and applicant selection process through Candidate Selection.
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