Finance & Administration

Staff Performance Evaluation


Duke University has adopted the Pay & Performance evaluation and review process for all regular, leveled employees. It should also be used to evaluate research staff in Job Family 27; however, these evaluations should not be sent to the Office of Finance & Administration. Formal performance reviews are an integral part of the ongoing dialogue between supervisors and their employees. Objectives of the review conversation include making sure the employee and supervisor share a clear definition of the job, clarifying expectations, and assessing the employee's performance. Evaluations are used in making pay increase decisions and other personnel decisions.


Trinity College of Arts & Sciences use the standard Pay & Performance guidelines and forms; however, please note TCA&S bases the performance period on a calendar year not the fiscal year. Staff evaluations are subject to review and approval by the Dean's Office and the evaluation review committee therefore, approval for the staff rating should be obtained before the supervisor discusses the evaluation with the individual staff member.


  1. Staff evaluation ratings for every regular, leveled employee should be submitted in list form (see example) to Susan Davis.
  2. For any employee receiving an exceptional rating additional justification should be provided in writing along with the Chair, Dean, or Program Directors' endorsement.  The written justification will be reviewed by the evaluation committee.
  3. A department or program organizational chart should also accompany the evaluation ratings list. The organizational chart should show the structure of the organization in terms of hierarchy; relationships and levels of positions; title and FTE. Incumbents' names should also be provided. See example.
  4. You will be notified by Susan Davis when your evaluation ratings have been approved. At that time you may begin conducting your review meetings with employees.

NOTE: After approval notification, evaluation ratings can not be changed. Under no circumstances should you conduct employee review meetings prior to receiving approval from our office.

  1. All sections of the evaluation form should be completed for each employee. Supervisors also have the option of requesting employees complete the self-assessment form for additional information and insight from the employee.
  2. Completed performance evaluation forms are due to Susan Davis Friday.
  3. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to review the PEP website and take the guided tour; these are valuable resources for this important process.

See also:  The Office of Postdoctoral Services for the policy and evaluation form for postdoctoral appointees.