Finance & Administration

Staff Termination


There are several reasons for which an employee may be terminated; the most common being the employee has accepted another position away from Duke and tenders his/her voluntary resignation.

Other reasons may include:

  • The staff appointment period has ended, based on the employment terms outlined in the offer letter.
  • Retirement
  • Unsatisfactory performance during orientation/evaluation period.
  • Reduction in Force (processed on paper termination form)


For any reason other than voluntary resignation (includes retirement) or staff appointment period ending it is essential to contact Susan Davis, TCA&S Human Resource Manager, prior to initiating any termination action on an employee.  Duke has written employment policies, including termination procedures, and managers should follow them consistently.


  1. An employee resigning in good standing should submit a written resignation to the department; a minimum of two (2) weeks notice for biweekly employees or thirty (30) days notice for monthly employees is appropriate.
  2. Once you accept the employee's resignation, notify Susan Davis of the pending vacancy.
  3. Initiate the termination iForm for the employee using Duke@Work.
  • Select the employee from the Staff tab
  • Select the appropriate status and reason in the Termination iForm
  • Enter last day worked
  1. For monthly employees, provide the number of days worked, vacation and discretionary holiday balances
  • Provide new forwarding address if available this is important for receipt of tax documents.
  1. Send a copy of the resignation letter to Kathy Agusta either via fax or scanned attachment to email.
  • For appointments with end dates, send a copy of the 60-day notification letter informing the employee of the end date.
  1. Follow the Employee Termination/Transfer Checklist to ensure all appropriate tasks are completed related to the termination.