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Work-Related Injury or Illness


Employees can be injured while performing their jobs. Workers' Compensation is designed to provide benefits to injured employees. There are various types of benefits an employee may receive depending on the injury and the condition of the injured employee. First and foremost it is essential to document the injury. A comprehensive guide to work related injuries or illnesses can be found at the Workers' Compensation webpage.


An employee who has been injured or becomes ill in the course of his or her employment at Duke should notify his or her supervisor at once, seek immediate medical attention if necessary and complete an incident report regarding the injury or illness before the end of the work shift.


  1. The process of completing the injury or illness report is done on-line on the Worker's Compensation section of the Duke Human Resources website.
  • If the injury or illness is severe seek treatment at the nearest Emergency Room.
  • If the injury or illness is less severe seek treatment at the nearest Employee Occupational Health Office.
  • If possible, have another staff member accompany the employee who can help provide information about the cause of the injury to the medical care provider and family members as well as provide support to the employee.
  • If the injury or illness does not require medical attention it is still necessary to complete the incident report.
  1. Managers/Supervisors are also required to complete the work related injury Supervisor Form after the employee has completed the initial incident report.
  2. Managers/Supervisors should receive an email regarding the work related injury or illness that will contain a link to the Supervisor Form. This form should be completed within 24 hours of the incident.
  3. Determine how the injury occurred and take any preventive measures to avoid future repeats. The Managers Safety Tool Kit provides tips on identifying and correcting workplace hazards.

See also: Occupational & Environmental Safety Office website for on-line safety training, the Duke University Safety Manual and other safety concerns.