Call for DukeImmerse Proposals

October 6, 2016

All Duke faculty members teaching undergraduate students are invited to submit proposals for new DukeImmerse programs. Proposals for Fall 2017 DukeImmerse programs should be submitted by December 1, 2016, to allow time for full program development, review and approval. Programs that diversify existing DukeImmerse opportunities and reflect the expertise of Duke faculty will receive priority.
DukeImmerse is a semester-long program conceived of by faculty. It resembles the first-year Focus program except students take all courses together, not just a subset.Programs are research-intensive and may include off-campus experiences to enhance the curriculum.
Each DukeImmerse program consists of:

  • Cluster of 4 courses built around a single theme, in which all students are enrolled – four integrated seminars in a fall or spring semester or two integrated seminars in a summer term
  • Curriculum relates to a central theme and to the professors’ research and expertise
  • Programs are led by two or more faculty members, within and across disciplines
  • Great interaction with strongly engaged students
  • Classroom learning connected with hands-on experience in the context of faculty research interests
  • Small enrollments – up to 18 students participate in a DukeImmerse program 

For more information and examples of current programs, visit the DukeImmerse website (
VIDEO - Hear from fellow faculty about why DukeImmerse offers an extraordinary Duke teaching opportunity.
Please contact Steve Nowicki (, Dean/Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, or email DukeImmerse Program Director Morgan Barlow ( in the Office of Undergraduate Education.