Teaching for Equity Fellows Program


Investing in our faculty through the Teaching for Equity Fellows Programs is an investment in our core value of diversity and an investment in our educational culture. Each class of fellows returns to their departments and programs and becomes an agent of change.

2016-2017 Fellows


  • Alison Hill, assistant professor of the practice

Center for Documentary Studies

  • Jaki Shelton Green, instructor
  • Christopher Sims, lecturing fellow

Center on Genomics, Race, Identity, Difference (GRID)

  • Jayne O. Ifekwunigwe, visiting associate professor


  • Susan R. Wynn, associate professor of the practice

Evolutionary Anthropology

  • Ashley Gosselin-Ildari, visiting assistant professor

Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

  • Kimberly Lamm, assistant professor

Germanic Languages & LIterature

  • Stefani Engelstein, associate professor
  • Kristen Dolan, instructor


  • Jennifer Hawkins, associate research professor

Psychology & Neuroscience

  • Karen Murphy, lecturing fellow/academic dean

Romance Studies

  • Deborah Jenson, professor, director of the Franklin Humanities Institute
  • Joan Clifford, assistant professor of the practice
  • Melissa Simmermeyer, lecturer
  • Bethzaida Fernandez, lecturer

Thompson Writing Program

  • Jennifer Ahern-Dodson, assistant professor of the practice
  • David Font-Navarrete, lecturing fellow

2015-2016 Fellows

Biology Department

  • Francois Lutzoni, professor
  • Alyssa Perz, lecturer & academic dean
  • Daniele Armaleo, associate professor of the practice 

Department of Theater Studies

  • Jay O'Berski, assistant professor of the practice


  • Emily Braley, assistant professor of the practice
  • Justin Allman, visiting assistant professor


  • Alex Rosenberg, professor 

FHI/Pauli Murray Project

  • Barbara Lau, director of the Pauli Murray Project

Samuel Dubois Cook Center

  • Salimah El-Amin, Senior Research Associate

Program in Education

  • David Malone, professor of the practice

Thompson Writing Program

  • Marcia Rego, assistant professor of the practice


  • Liliana Paredes, professor of the practice

Center for Documentary Studies

  • Michelle Lanier, instructor