Technology Services

Apostrophe User Guide

This user-guide offers step-by-step instructions for using and editing websites built in Apostrophe by Trinity Technology Services.

Apostrophe Web Management

  • Users: Web administrators can manage and assign user permissions via a Duke Net ID
  • Pages: Create, delete, and manage pages, page templates, and page settings
  • Content: Use of content slots, categories and tags to organize,manage, and search content
  • Reorganize: Manage the hierarchy and navigation of your website with a simple drop and drag tree sitemap interface (For Admins Only)
  • Media: Manage, import, search, tag, and delete images, PDFs, Audio, Video and Office.
  • Tubes (News & Events): Manage and import any RSS feed as well as any Duke Event Calendar feed
  • Blog: Publish a blog ie: newsletter for your department or program
  • Handbooks: Manage articles, policies and procedures setting up categories, tags, and a A-Z table of contents. (For Trinity College website only)

Available External Services

Your department or program website easily incorporates external services into your website.

  • Duke Event Calendar: Manage both department public and local events
  • Facebook, Twitter: Facebook, Twitter, ....
  • Faculty Data System:  Manage department and program directories, annual reports, and faculty data
  • Qualtrics: Create surveys and online forms
  • SharePoint: Collaborative online project management
  • SlideShare: Link to your account  on SlideShare
  • SoundCloud: Link to your SoundCloud account and create an  automatic feed into your media library
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler: Link to your YouTube, Viddler, or Vimeo account and create an automatic feed into your media library

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