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Page Management

Pages are managed mostly through the page settings icon in the upper left hand corner of your tool bar at the top of your page. Adding a page is easy and you can move it anywhere in the site see the tutorial below for a quick overview:



Video: Pages Basic Overview

Learn how to: Add a page, Move a page, Manage page settings, Reorganize pages (Moving a page from section to section), Delete a page

Time: 4:52 min

Adding pages is easy.

Step 1: Click on the "+ Page" button at the top of the page

Step 2: Type in the name of your new page, choose your page template, choose "on" or "off", then click on Save

Step 3: The new page will automatically appear at the top of the left-hand navigation.  You can move it by simply dragging it to another spot on the list.

Page Settings

Once a page has been created all page management happens in the page settings drop-down menu.  Make sure you have navigated to the page you intend to edit and click the page settings icon in the upper left-hand corner.  The page settings window will open.

Options in the page settings are:

1. Change title and slug name.  The slug name is the url address for a page.  You can customize and adjust these as needed.

2. Choose a page type.  Here an admin can choose from a selection of page templates.  Most commonly used is the (default page).  There are other options such as courses and people that are automatically populated with content from the Faculty Database System, and sometimes multiple homepage options.  For additional page templates or adjustments to your current selection contact us at

3. Make a page public or hidden. Simply by clicking green for "On" or red for "Off" you can have your page viewable to the public or hidden. 

4. Grant editors permissions to edit a page or section.  under Edit Permissions one can grant a user permission to edit a page or section.  Select the user from the drop-down menu in the Editors section.  NOTE: If you do not see the users name in the drop down menu they will need to be added in the USERS section of the website

5. Delete a page There is a trash can icon at the far bottom right-hand side.  Click on that icon to delete a page.  Please note that if you delete a page with children pages they will all be deleted.