Technology Services


Faculty Database System (FDS)

Manage your department directories and faculty information

The people and course page templates are pulling data directly from the Faculty Database System (FDS).  Currently to edit these pages a user needs to log-in to FDS at

Duke Event Calendar

Manage your department events

Events@Duke offers a comprehensive listing of Duke events, including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, cultural activities and more. Users can search by date, event category, or organization/group, and can download event details to most personal calendar clients.

Duke’s Office of Administrative and Community Support Services, in partnership with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), produced this calendar. The OACSS manages calendar groups and users, and sets policy for calendar use; OIT provides technical expertise in the way of application development and support.

Duke groups or departments can designate one or more calendar administrators, who can submit events to the calendar. Any member of the Duke community with a valid Duke NetID can also submit an event to the calendar. These submissions are reviewed and published as appropriate. To learn more, visit Help.

Duke Qualtrics

Create an online survey, form, or application

Duke has set up an account with Qualtrics a software which enables users to create their own web-based surveys and conduct statistical analysis. Qualtrics offers a research suite that has been used to conduct research.  This service is free for all Duke administrators,faculty, and staff.  An account can be set up using your Duke Net ID. 

Duke WordPress:

Do it yourself Website or Blog

Sites@Duke, Duke’s WordPress service, provides an easy way for Duke faculty, staff and students to set up a website or blog using predefined design templates (themes) and plugins that users can can choose to enable within their sites as they see fit. This service is free for all Duke Faculty and Staff


Create your online social community for your department

Many departments have created facebook accounts to stay connected to students, faculty and staff.  Learn how to incorporate your facebook account onto your website. Use the Raw HTML content type

Click here to get embed code:


Project management, document management, & workflows

Microsoft's SharePoint is a multi-purpose platform which allows for managing and provisioning of intranet portals, extranets and websites, document management and file management, collaboration spaces, social networking tools, enterprise search, business intelligence tooling, process/information integration.

Duke offers Microsoft SharePoint and is supported by the Office of Information Technology

For more information about SharePoint contact


Upload or Record any sound file

Whether it's a quick sketch or a polished symphony, upload or record your originally-created sounds effortlessly to SoundCloud in a few clicks.  Any audio format will be accepted.


Video Hosting Service

Through Duke's Channel on YouTube, members of the Duke community can make video material from lectures, interviews, audio books and other sources freely available to a wide audience under the Duke umbrella.


Video Hosting Service


Video Hosting Service