Technology Services

Web Users

Users - Site Administrators

The website administrator(s) can assign and manage users of their department/program website.  See the video below to get a quick tutorial on how to assign and manage your users.

The basics: How to Login and Logout

How to Login

The Login link is located at the bottom left-hand corner of each department website.  You will log in with your Duke NetID and password.

  1. Click on login button
  2. Enter your Duke Net ID and password.  

Please note: if you are logging into a department website for the first time or from a new computer you will need to accept the SSL security certificate.

How to Logout

  1. Go to upper-right hand corner and click on logout button
  2. Click on Yes log me out

Admin Permissions

An admin has full access to edit the entire website. Users are set up by the Trinity Technology Services Group initially.  Active Admins can assign other users to be admins.

Admin permissions include:

  • Manage/edit/add/delete all pages of website
  • Add and assign users
  • Add images, video, pdfs, office and audio
  • Add & manage news and events
  • Ability to move and edit top bar navigation
  • Add handbooks and blogs
  • Reorganize pages and sections

How to assign an admin:

  1. Click on Users Icon in upper left-hand side of top tool bar
  2. Click on + New Button
  3. Fill out information with user's e-mail address (...@duke.eduand  Duke Net ID (User Name)
  4. In the Group drop down menu Choose Admin
  5. Click Save


Editor Permissions

An editor has select permissions to a website which are assigned by the web admin. Editors can manage an entire section, upload media files, or manage a handbook or blog.  The admin assigns all users as editors that require restricted access.

Manager of a page or group of pages:

The website admin can assign a user as a manager to a particular section within the department website.  ie: Director of Undergraduate Studies might be assigned to edit the undergraduate section of a department site.

Editor permissions include:

  • Manage/edit/add/delete pages within editor's assigned section
  • Add images, video, pdfs, office and audio
  • Move and edit sub-navigation

How to assign an editor:

  1. Go to Users Section in upper right-hand tool bar
  2. Click on + New Button
  3. Fill out information with user's Duke Net ID and select Editor in Group drop down menu
  4. Click Save
  5. Go to the top level page of section you would like to assign your new editor to:  ie: Undergraduate
  6. Click on page settings in upper left-hand corner
  7. Click on Edit Permissions and select your user. (If you want the editor to have access to all sub-pages below click on sub pages)
  8. Click Save

Group Settings

In addition to assigning users to a page or section.  An admin can assign a user to manage tubes, a blog, a handbook, or the media area without granting rights to the entire site.  One can create custom group permissions within the users section

Special permissions include:

  • Tubes Admin
  • Media Admin
  • Blog Admin
  • Handbook Admin

How to set up a group permission:

  1. Go to Users Section in upper right-hand tool bar
  2. Click on + Group Button
  3. Create a name for your Group
  4. Choose one or more Admin functions (ie: Tubes, Media, Blog, or Handbook)
  5. Click Save
  6. You can now assign users this new group role of permissions

Other User Permissions needed:

FDS User Permissions

  • FDS Manager: Please contact fds@duke.eduto get set up as your department/program FDS manager
  • Faculty & Staff Individual pages: Login into FDS to edit your individual pages:

Duke Events Calendar User Permissions

Event Calendar Manager: Contact Meg McKee to get set up as your department event calendar manager